Whats the score with rejoining was in for 12 years left as an acting SSGT and been out for just under a year.

No medical or discipline problems still fit, thinking of rejoining what do you think my chances are :?
Depends very much on the availability of any vacancies in your rank/trade really. This is decided by those nice people in Manning and Records (?)

You can start the ball rolling (paperwork etc) but withdraw you application right until the point you are attested again, so can sort of have it both ways up to a point.

But I could be wrong and am prepared to put my hand up if I'm wrong 8O

Good luck to you if you do.
Make sure that you don't get any ideas of grandeur. You were a Sgt when you left - acting doesn't count for anything at that stage (although I wait to be proved wrong) - so you could only come back in as a Sgt as the highest rank.

Best of luck if you do decide to rejoin.
Correct - you will revert to your original subs rank and restart your 'pension clock' from your old date, which will clearly incorporate any time accrued as an Acting SSgt.

Assuming there is a slot available - let's face it, the chances are pretty high!

Good luck!

Edited to add: I'm actually wondering now whether you'd be moved across onto the new pension scheme actually....
Without wishing to sound flippant, how long is a piece of string?

I'm shure you are as aware of Glasgow's odd approach to the more important things in life, however if you let them know you are ready to go ASAP, and you can get your receiving unit (if you know it) to chivvy things along, we could be talking weeks.
Thanks DD

I was also wondering if anyone knew what the pension situation wud be. I rejoin the new system and the 'pension clock' starts again at 12 years??? Do i have to pay back my resttlement grant? or is that sneakly deducted from my pension i wouls hope not. Also i take it that LSSA goes to zero and i would lose seniority?

Any ideas...
im 36 was in 10 been out 2 years got back in no probs no loss of rank just trying to sort out my medical had no probs so far allow about 5 to 6 months though

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