Hi all,
I was discharged from ITC last November as a IMA failure due to personal reasons including home issues. I wasn’t told when I could come back but that I was 100% allowed back but that I could go reserves in 6 months time. When I applied for the reserves I did my attestation and it was all handy until I got pulled in by the PSAO who then told me I wasn’t supposed to be back in service until November 18th of this year so I had to resign then and there and they then said they are not sure if I can apply now or if I’ve to wait but I could try so that’s what I did.

once I applied for regulars again I passed the prior service check and was told that I’m allowed back in service now and that nothing was flagged. Should I pick a intake date for after November 18th to be on the safe side or should I be 100% with going back now?
Thank you in advance.
If they've said you can go back in now and you are happy to do that then go for it. Just get it in writing.