Discussion in 'REME' started by Sicknote111, May 20, 2012.

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  1. I left the corps earlier this year and realised that civvy street isn't for me. I'm curious to know if there is much scope to rejoin with the current redundancy situation. I left as a class 1 vm lance jack served 7 years.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I also welcome any abuse for leaving in the first place.


  2. I should guess they should take you back as it's a cheap deal for them (already trained). You haven't been out too long so currency should not be a real issue, just depends if you pissed someone off who may have since moved to records ?? Oh yes .... splitter !
  3. I can't speak for REME, but Sappers won't take you back unless you are in a pinch point trade.

    What is the VM situation like? Talk to your careers office.

    If I give you abuse for leaving I will just get told off again!

    Best of luck.
  4. I know I didn't fall into redundancy so kind of hopeful there is a need. I wasn't in the habit of pissing people off but you never know I guess. I'm going to ring careers office tomorrow and see but thought I'd ask and see what the general views were.
  5. There's plenty of Re-treads in the ranks, I did it in 99. You tend to jump through more hoops if you get a second chance, good luck and come across as keen as mustard from the off ;-)
  6. The rejoining process normally take longer than getting a new recruit through so be warned; could be in for a long wait. I was bloody lucky with the careers officer and the Army being fooooking desperate! :)

    Take a look at the TA or volunteering for a tour too, if you're still current then you might be in luck. Good luck.
  7. Wouldn't have your hopes up.

    We had a Class One Recy Mech LCpl sign-off, see the light and try to reverse his decision only to get Fecked Orf at the High Port by REME MCM (at the time RM was pinch Point, not sure if this is still the case as I have since moved on to Civ-Div myself) and have to suffer through the 12 month period regretting his impulsiveness.

    It won't hurt to enquire though, Class One VMs are still much sought after in a lot of Units (no longer PPT though).
  8. Given the shrinking size of the Corps, I would be surprised if Directorate of Manning (Army) would be allowing any rejoins at present. I suspect the quota from VM LCpls they have set for the Corps to follow is zero. Rejoins started to be a more unlikely possibility from around 2007.

    If (a big if) there is a quota set above the figure zero for Class 1 VM LCpls b DM(A) you may have a chance, but everything will depend on:

    The quality of your past ARs/CRs
    Your medical status (your nickname is worrying)
    If you had any welfare or disciplinary issues
    How widely employable and deployable you are
    If you had a track record of signing off and then back on again
    The reasons you stated when you signed off ( the reasons why you left, if service related, will not have changed much!)
    The strength of the competition who are also LCpl VMs in the same rejoin queue as you

    This is where REME MCMs records on you will play a part and they will be the final arbiter.

    Popping into your local AFCO is you next move, as you already know.

    Good luck
  9. Sorry to break this to you mate but you have more chance of motor boating Holly Willabooby!

    I know 2 guys who signed off recently one a class 2 VM Cfn did 4 years and sacked it, went to the AFCO recently and was told it's not going to happen and to come back in a year. Second a Class 1 L/Cpl was selected for his Full Screw but decided he'd had enough and sacked it last August.... Guess what went to the AFCO back in Feb and was told to go the **** away.... Come back in 12 months but even then the outlook is bleak!

    Shouldn't of fanned it in the first place you weak, feeble, pathetic, spineless waster! ;)
  10. Hang on, lets not try and apply any logical/reasoned approach when dealing with REME records ;-)
  11. Damn 24A, you have got a bite.....

    Its much more logical than you think, its just that soldiers only have themselves to worry about and MCM need to cater for the bigger picture. They cannot hope to always meet everyones demands (some very unrealistic) and must man the Corps against the set priorities. There are no black books up there trust me, they would not have the time to refer to them! Its easy to throw stones and make assumptions based on little knowledge. Yes they are not perfect, but they do not have any agendas to ruin anyone's day. You should see how some of the other capbadge MCMs operate!! MCM Div would get an easier life by giving individuals what they want but need to be the honest broker and make decisions on a myriad of ever changing factors.

    Oops - head down for incoming.....
  12. So you gave it a good go then.......
  13. Quality, I had hardly finished my meal and you nearly gave me indigestion through laughter in an instant. However, I must commend the fact that despite being in full on belt fed rant mode, you manage to get some buzz words into it. Priceless Oki, calm down now for Montag is almost over. I was the victim of a couple of classic cock ups at records which really messed me about, but I stuck it and live to take the Mick. 24A rounds complete over..........
  14. LOL,

    Hope it wasn't greasy chips and asti spumante ... watch that waistline young man
  15. Actually it was chicken, ribs and salat ........ and less of the young ;-)