Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MattCPO, Mar 26, 2009.

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  1. I am trying to find out some info on the rejoining bounty i was in the green howards for 7 years and left in dec 2004 can i still rejoin i'm 29 this year and is there a bounty to rejoin?
  2. Depending on your rank, off the top of my head it is £8000 (before tax) and you are still eligible i think :)
  3. Definately still eligible I would say, Meds, Phys and Criminal Record permitting. As far as I know though the bounty is only an option if returning to your last Regiment, I could be wrong however but Im sure your ACIO will tell you.
  4. im re joining myself, im 30 and was a l/cpl when l was in, was told id be getting about £6500 before tax so about £4000 after, you only get £8k if you had done brecon, which l hadnt.

    they also say, if you got a trade while u were out and want to use it when u come in, i.e engineers route, you also get a bounty for that, anything from £2k up to £50k.
  5. Who exactly does this bounty apply to?
  6. depends on what rank you had when u left and to what trade u have and if u intend on using it.

    l just completed a NVQ in mechaics, was told if l went engineer route and use my qual l could get a bounty up to £5k. so that ontop of my re joining bounty could be quite nice!