rite been wondering for while whether to rejoin r not.I joined in sept 2003 doing basic in winchester.I was very immatue back then but i kept getting backsquadded for admin the first time for the state of my locker and rifle drill.My fitness was good and nex time i did rifle drill i got expert.I got backsquadded on half way for admin again even though i passed all the tests ie measuring distance,target indication etc said i did well on halfway but admin wasn't at standards anyway i couldn't face being backsqaadded again so said i wanted to leave.As my window had closed ie date they said the only way i could leave is via UAS -ie they discharging me- on my papers it says conduct is exemplary.I am female 26 now- i just loved the army life and really want to give it another go at least if i don't make it again i will know it's not for me.
any advice -do you think i willbe able to re-join thanks
Maria !! :( :?:

If you loved the Army life you would have stuck at it the first time round, and you haven't really experienced the "Army life" yet. You didn't pass Phase 1.

Expert in Rifle Drill? That is a new one.

If you are serious, pop in to your ACIO and ask there.

By all means ask for advice on here, but you'll have to have a look at the text speak, it isn't really appreciated by many on the site.
yes might pop down there with my papers!! i thnk i stuck at it really well just when i had the name of beingbad at admin i thought maybe better to come out and improve.I was told if i was backsquadded again they would discharge me again dont think ever a week goes by when i dont think about it but i need to know whether im allowed back in so yeh might go down and check!!
wanted to join the RMP .I got 74 on barb but 50 on interview so didn't make it.Was going to join the RLC.Yeh i got backsquadded for admin all the time.annoying on half way becausei passed all the tests but they said neede to imrove admin a bit more they said improved immensely but not to the standards
wondering if possible to re-join might pop down and see!! :?
well i just spoke on the online army chat thing and said how i was backsquadded for admin a lot and how i was offered to be backsquadded again asked to leave but date gone so discharged ie unsuitable for army service-he said i could reapply bring all my paperwork down but up to MCM where all paperwork and discharge papers are to whether i can reaplly and what is available so going to take the bull by the horns and head down there this week see what happens .!! :roll:
Should become a Combat HR Specialist, you would fit in great maria
Well done for wanting to have another crack at it(It's more than half the posters on this site will ever achieve :roll: )

If you are accepted to give it another go ensure you address where you failed last time.Look at the joining up threads on here as some good hints and tips can be picked up
aw thanks! but yes really want to go back! was 21 when i was in but was a really immatue 21 year old back then!neverlived away from home ironing was a joke my locker got ripped apart the armys really big on admin my fitness and tests were ok like just admin all the time its all attention to detail-i am more rsponsible nowi look afterchildren but going to look at these forums and be more prepared hopefully iwill get a second chance!!
If it is something that you've always wanted to do and think you'd definately do better now having a bit more life experience and maturity, I'd say go for it. Otherwise one day it will be too late and you'll always have wondered what it would have been like. You don't have to be in the Army for the rest of your life, and it's better to regret having done something that not doing something.
exactly!! i loved the training just weren't up 2 scratch with admin back then!!im always thinking of the army and going back so i'm going to bite the bullet and re-apply see if i can go back in then im going to prepare so much i think if u want something bad enough u can get it if it don't work out i no i will have tried and it didn't work out it is better to know !!
Haha, I know. I'm currently in the 'regret having done something' catergory.
well i'm getting fit!!does anybody know if i'm able to check that i'm eligible for training without actuall joining up.Hope ican rejoin i was such an idiot for being a clown back then wish id putmore in and would be worse thing everif i got in and didn't make it again aw but i suppose iwould know at the ame time!!!
I'm not sure about what advice to offer you, I'm not in yet, but...

If you're going to keep using this website, gert a new account, and don't use your service number as your username. You never know who might be reading this, expecially if you're winding the DS up by having crap admin...
I've not joined up yet, so don't feel qualified to offer advice! I don't know how the system works about contesting your UFAS, but if reapplying is what you want to do then do it. As with anything though, be prepared to show how you've changed and make sure you can demonstrate that you've matured. Good luck, and if you're going RMP, please don't arrest me in a few years time when I roll up after a skinfull :)
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