Rejoining.. What should I do?

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I left the army in Nov 2011 after 3yrs 6 months service. I was in the RLC and I've completed one tour. I want to rejoin to the infantry but I'm not sure on the low down of it all. Any advice is appreciated. I left because I wanted to transfer to the infantry but the powers that be at 13AASR deem it impossible unless I get my wings which I wasn't going to do.
now shocking as this may seem. there are specialists in this kind of thing. they operate out of secret locations in major towns and cities, If you can find them, maybe you can hire

the ACIO
Not to pish you off but I was told by an ACIO S/Sgt several months ago that those that leave just to try and get back in have no hope , best go see your local ACIO for an up to date decent reply !
I was told that they take on 100 or so rejoins every year from my local ACIO and I was told to come back in april which I did and I now have an application form by the side of me. I guess it's a case of chance really.. If all else fails just keep trying I guess. Should never have come out for those reasons but hey what's done is done.
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