Rejoining/Transferring units

I’m an ex reg looking to join a national unit (different cap badge) in a role I do in civvy street now. When I got out I went for a couple of familiarisation days with a reserve battalion as part of my resettlement.

I never really heard from the unit again and tried chasing things up but it didn’t really go anywhere. A few weeks ago someone from the unit got in touch asking why I’d never tipped up. So I explained what happened and basically I have been on the books there since I got out in 2017.

So I can’t apply the normal way now because I’m technically still in, will it just be a case of me transferring? What kind of time scale would this usually be completed in If so? Also how do you get kit etc or get any admin/ paperwork squared for a national unit?

Thanks in advance for any help/info.

Dr Death

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Speak to the unit and ask them to put you in for a transfer to the unit you want to go to?
Might be good to speak in person to them.

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