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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Voltiguer, Dec 28, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, wondering if any TA recruiters have come across something similar to my situation, and can offer any advice?

    Just under 2 years ago I left the TA in order to go for a new job. To put it bluntly that new job didn't turn out to be what I wanted, hence I'm now back in a situation where I can be part of the TA again.

    I had been part of the TA for 3 years before leaving. But I know that in the past 2 yrs (or 5 since I went through the recruiting process) a few things must have changed.

    I'm wondering if I will have to apply as would anyone else, undergo the recruiting process and Ph1 & 2 training, or would I be readmitted as long as I can pass the ITDs?

  2. your best bet would be to talk to the RTT at your local TA center,

    they would advise you as to what part you will need to do.
  3. Cheers, will do. Just looking for a heads-up on it all before I head down there.

    I remember reading on here that if you've been out under a certain period, you can be taken back in after passing your ITD's only. Not sure if thats true or applicable to everyone or if you go straight back in at your old increment or what, but if there is the chance to take ITDs and get back in that way, that'd be handy.

    Talking of ITDs, is the CFT still 4 miles with 55lbs(?) in 1hr, or has it been upped? And the BPFA is still a mile and a half in 10:30, 44 press ups and 50 sit ups in 2 mins each?

  4. what area are you in
  5. volt the cft now at the momment is 6 miles for non infantry
    going up to 8 miles in april so i'am lead to believe you also have to do your pft as well 1.5 miles as a squad 1.5miles personnel effort,everything else sounds about right
  6. There is no squad run. A short warm up(800m) prior to the 1.5 best effort.

    Your new unit may put you on a 'selection' weekend to see if you are still up to the mark. It really does depend on who you are joining and how they run things. If you've only been out 2 years and are not a complete numbnut, then you probably won't have any problems.

    Are you joining the same unit you left? If you are then that may be to your benefit.
  7. Jase, it'll be Wales.

    Cheers for the details on the CFT, but if its 6 going up to 8 for non-inf, does anyone know of the requirements for infantry now? Should give me some incentive to shift the Christmas pud!

    It'll be the same unit but not the same subunit, i.e. same regiment and role but a different coy and TAC.

    Talking of selection weekends, is this a new process that new TA recruits go through? I've heard blokes on here on about joining talking about the selection and 'regional training centres'... when I joined I had none of this, it was a few Tuesday evenings of form-signing and a medical if I remember right, and then into Phase 1 training with my units RRTT...
  8. There is a shed load of info on here reference the process. By selection weekend, I'm refering to what the unit may do with, for talkings sake, ex-regs joining or ex-TA. Basically putting you through your MATTs(ITD's in new money). Maybe get you on a range weekend to see if you can still shoot(having passed your WHT of course). It is really up to the unit you are joining, I'm sure there are rules from on high that state it must be done a certain way, I'm not in that pay scale so don't know the in's and out's.

    2 years away from the same parent unit should be fine for you, a quick refresher on map reading, tabbing and CBRN(NBC in new money) and I'm pretty sure you would feel as though you'd never left.

    Edited to add, everyone does 6 miles at the moment(may change this April to 8, no-one knows yet), just the weight that's different. You will only do 8 when warned off for ops.
  9. which part of wales?
  10. Cheers dev, sounds good.

    SR, it'll be midwales - there's a platoon of RWR at Aberystwyth I heard..?
  11. It's 6 miles for all. Some teeth units do more, but I'm sure you'll know which ones already. Core weight has not changed since you were last in. 8 Miles is on deployment only, not on MATTs, and it's not due to change.
  12. i think its b coy who have a plt up there, if you were rwelsh before and are rejoining within 2 years, you should have no problems rejoining. who were you with before?
  13. hey SR, I was with A before, with the guns... you with them, or with B? (wasn't it B who had them before it was all change a few years back?)
  14. check pm's,
  15. Seen... check yours :p