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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Smudgerinsurrey, Feb 19, 2010.

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  1. Hi all. As my avatar suggests, I'm ex TA RAMC, joined in 1993, left in 1998. No reason other than work commitments, and being a bit of an immature idiot not realising what the commitment meant.

    Now I'm all growed up and in my 30's I would like to give it another crack. I have some civvy experience in the field now, and a more mature and sensible head on my shoulders... even to the point of realising beer is not the full english breakfast.

    From reading the forums, I can see that the procedure for joining has changed a fair bit, anyone out there able to give me advice on the recruitment process from start to finish?? I know I'd obviously have to redo recruit training and trade courses again, no problem there.... Obviously I'd prefer to rejoin as a CMT, but willing to look at other options


  2. CMT is the way forward mate
    You'll prob have to do the recruit training and stuff
    Whats u civvy experience?
    if ur a paramedic thats a really good thing
  3. 5 years experience as a duty officer for a private ambulance company, working nightclubs, sports venues, concerts and NHS backup. (kinda like st johns, but getting paid and knowing what you're doing)
  4. it just depends how committed you are and how much time you want to put in, Im a CMT and i love the TA, go for it mate
  5. Pretty much the same as you,decided to rejoin after being out for a number of years,reg then TA.Had to do phase 1 (6weekends) at RTC then was told because of my past I was not required to attend phase 2 (2weeks at a ATR) and would spend the 2 weeks on a training course,was sent to the Army school of Physical Training to do the STAB PTI course.Am now working on training wing as a recruit PTI.Good luck.
  6. My Bold: I'm shocked that no one else here is appauled at his new discovery :omfg: I though beer was the cornerstone of ANY nutritional bearkfast :D
  7. Well just contacted local unit (RLC) who conveniently have a vacancy for medic. They have my details for the recruiter to call me back over the next couple of days, and they sounded pretty keen, so fingers crossed. Anyone got some gen on what happens next, selection etc??