Rejoining the TA-Infantry or Engineers


Firstly new to this site so hello all.

I spent four years in a TA bomb disposal sqn and was mobilised on Op Telic1. I only left as I joined a job where you could not be in both streams whilst in training and I hate not being able to commit to things.
I have since got to a position where I was looking at rejoining the TA after three years out of the loop.
The question is and I am lookin for quality advice here. If I rejoin do I go back over old ground and go back to the engineer Regt or join our almost local 3 bn PWRR infantry and go for a fresh start?

Obviously there are pros and cons to each but without knowing much about the modern TA (i've heard things have changed!!??) I thought I would ask.

Can anyone advise please?

Some fine people in 3PWRR and a wealth of operational experience. Visit them, meet the blokes and have a chat. You will quickly find out whether they are right for you and if you are right for them.

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