Rejoining the Commissioning Course

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by RetCon, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. A few years ago I decided to pull myself out of the commissioning course with the support of the CoC at Sandhurst. The general idea was that I would return at some point. I kept myself in the military loop and went on a few op tours help get more life experience. Now that I have pretty much achieved what I set out to do want to go back.

    Thing is I'm really not sure who I'm supposed get in contact with. Would it be the Army Careers Advisor or would it be the Officer Candidate Administration Cell at RMAS? Obviously I'll figure it on my own eventually but there's bound to be someone on the site who has done this before and thus can point me in the right direction.

  2. Of course you banking on RMAS wanting you back...

    What do you mean by 'in the military loop and went on a few op tours' are you TA? In which case why not ask at your unit?
  3. Probably give Sandhurst a ring outright. How old are you out of interest? Could potentially fall foul of the new age limits, although having already been at Sandhurst might get around that.

    Either way, get your call in pronto because all signs are that intakes are getting smaller and smaller to RMAS so places will be increasingly hard to come by.

    PS. They will be on Academy leave at the moment.
  4. Just done the same RetCon. Called OCAC and they told me the first step was to write to the SO1 Cadets, outlining what i had done since leaving, and to formally ask to re-commence with the course. Your ACA should be able to help. PM me if you have any questions about it.
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  5. Well, yes, I suppose I am banking on them accepting me back. Thing is I was kinda hoping to justify the Army's initial financial investment and give them a much more capable young officer, than they would have had I pushed ahead first time round.

    By my, admittedly hasty, calculations accepting me back would be more cost effective than not doing so. Its certainly more so than, for instance, back terming someone from from mid point seniors to day one week one juniors, or a keeping a longterm lucknow case rather than getting a MD. At the end of the day it's their call though they were very insistant that I should come back when I left so that should help I hope.

    Tonyval: pm sent