Rejoining TA question..... thanks

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by marko89, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. I left the TA a while ago and am thinking about rejoining again now that my circumstances have changed.
    I have time to do the weekends and the annual camps but dont have time to go through phase 1 and 2 training again......
    not that re-training appeals to me anyway.
    Does anybody know how long I can be a civvy for before I have to go through training again??
    Also would the time limit be the same if I rejoined up in a different unit?

    Cheers guys : )
  2. I read somewhere that if you have not wore the uniform for 24 hours then you have to do phase 1 again, not sure how true that is as i have not started training myself yet. I can walk the mile and a half in 16 minutes, so i should be good.
  3. it used to be 3 years when i was in, in the 90s.
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  4. That would make me a very happy person if its still 3 years! cheers mucker
  5. It all depends on your circumstances but 3 years is the cutoff time.
  6. Well If you turned up t my unit then I would show you the door, why, well you can put the time in but you do not want to do the training as it's beneath you!!

    Well you can always go to the cadets and big time it there!!

  7. Sorry that the system is clearly beneath your ability and skills... Such a hero! where did you win your MC again?
  8. I never mentioned how long I had been in the ta for, and I didn't mention how long I've left it for.
    You shouldnt make judgements about people you don't know.
    So its appropriate for someone that's been on herrick to go back to learning boot polishing drills again is it?!!

    Theres a time limit there for exactly my reason above - I was only asking what that limit was.
  9. If you dont have time for training how do you have time for unit once out of training. From what you said (and i will judge you on this because this is what i know of you) you sound like "i want to play but dont want to work for it"
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  10. Because my work wont allow me to take over a month off to do the training again.
    A fortnight a year for annual camp plus weekends is fine
  11. phase 1 and 2 are weekends at RTC, 6 altogether (or 9 for inf). hmmm a month off......
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  12. There's only one way to settle this, the pair of you are going to have to willy wrestle.
  13. Sounds like he wants his 20 days paid leave as a civvy (as is the law), and his firm will also give him an extra 10 days for TA Trg (paid or unpaid)

    He could use up some of his civvy leave for TA Trg (paid by both the the TA and his firm... bonus!) but it sounds like this is an afront to his thinking? :joker:

    I could be wrong?
  14. Yes, willy wrestle.
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  15. Let's see what Marko has to say to post No.13 :scratch: ......what happens when he has to do a cadre/course for promotion/new skills, and annual camp in the same year?

    Tune in for the next thrilling episode....or not?

    Could just be that he got told the wrong info/misheard?........