Rejoining TA after break.--Basic CMSR?

Evening all, just a quick one I hope someone can answer as I've tried searching and cant seem to find the answer.

I have applied to join a specialist unit (no names). I have attended for attestation and med/phys tests etc. and passed all.
I had previously served as 1. Reg service until '94.
2. TA from '98 to discharge in December 2003. (Left due to family/work issues).Left as Bdr, Gun No1.

Now when attending at the unit we were told that if we had previously served within 6 years then we would not have to do CMSR again. great I thought cant be doing with going back to square one. was given dates for special to arms/trade training course in january.

Now on Friday got an email from the unit saying I have been booked onto the CMSR , recruit 4 day course. Unable to contact unit until Monday now.
I have tried searching the Mod and army sites for the rules in QR's however cant find anything that can answer. basically do I have to start again at square one or does my previous service count? I know I was told that due to JPA I may get a new regimental number (how sad mine first was issued in 1986).
I have fired of email to the unit and intend to phone them first thing monday but if anyone could help me out and put my mind at rest it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
4 days is hardly a chore...

Set yourself the target of getting Top Student, help those who do not have your experience and enjoy yourself - hey you might even learn something new!

Yeah i realise 4 days is not a lot, especially as most of it is phys and drill. No problems with the phys as I go to the gym every day.
BUT if having to do CMSR wont I have to do the 2 week basic course as well. Not for me mate at over 40 with a lot of previous service , running around a camp treated as a recruit with a load of youngsters, er no thanks..... :)
Usually the rule is if you are out for less than 3 years, then you get a waiver.

Your mileage may vary - best to wait for Monday and call the unit.


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