rejoining stoped temp

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by boab1888, Nov 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi i applied to rejoin bk in April and have been on the phone a few time and got the same answer were waiting on Glasgow but i have heard that they have stoped taking on rejoins for a while ?? any1 no
  2. Right. This is a wind up. NOT a Wah! There's a difference.
  3. The truth is mate, the Royal Pioneer Corps stopped taking entrants years ago.
  4. nae bor m8 thanxs
  5. and remember....stay off the scag
  6. fully manned, but is it really though?
  7. Not quite yet, rejoin ban will be reviewed "at the end of the year".
  8. righto
    i'll stop growing me beard for direct sergeant entry then
  9. there's no way the army is fully manned at lance jack/full screw level
  10. Ah, but that is where all the fun is: the Army will have the right number of people: but just in the wrong place.
  11. There's no way the Army is "fully manned" FULL STOP.

    It's smoke and mirrors and a refusal to actually pay for full maning.