Rejoining - Retain LSA Balance?

Hi guys, just a quick one. I've recently rejoined after getting out for a couple of years. Do I keep my LSA balance from before or am I reset to zero? My first payslip back in showed zero LSA days. I've come back in at the same rank/pay grade (although I did have to chase this up too) so I would have expected the LSA balance to carry over also.

Asked unit HR but nobody could say for certain, just wanted to check here before I get onto JPAC.

Your unit clerks must be shit, or they don't like you.
JSP 752 Ch5 said:
05.0123 Re-entering the Services After a Break notExceeding 4 Years
Service personnel re-entering the services after a break not exceeding 4 years may count former QS for the purpose of LSA eligibility....
Normally you retain your balance - Take your last payslip to your clerks showing your blance. They fill out the magic JPA form - can't remember what number and send it off. However asa it is your first pay slip it may show next month
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