rejoining regular army/ mpgs


been out the army for just over a year and am thinking about joining again. only did just over 4 years but am thinking i may have made the wrong choice leaving...

im 32 in april this year so im sure im coming close to the cut off age so i have to act fast!!

ideally the mpgs would suit me better as i am hoping to settle and have a family but would also consider the regular army

ive heard good and bad things about MPGS and would like to hear from anyone who is in or has been in before...

can anyone tell me if its possible to rejoin and is it a lengthy process?? and what is the process? would i have to go through basic training again ect ??

would be grateful for any info.

many thanks
hi rab, im currently in the same situation as you. i served 7 yrs and left over 4 yrs ago. Im still weighing up wether to go back full time or join mpgs due to my family commitments. I have been told it is fairly quick to rejoin but depending on length of time out like my self i will have to go through phase 1 again. not good. I was advised to look into the ftrs route and consider s-typing in once i have been posted to a unit. I have heard good and bad things about mpgs such as bad pay but still get all the perks of been in full time. Also would you fancy stagging on for 12hrs a day. But a good point is you dont have to worry about been shipped about which is good for the family.
at last a reply!

spoke to some friends from my old reg and they say i could be back in reg within 3 months and not have to go through basic so its tempting but i would rather be at home with the women. i think i will find out abit more about mpgs to see how long the wait is. i hear it can be a long wait.

standing around and getting paid isnt that bad and the money has to be better than civvy street!

good luck with what ever you decide!
to be fair mate i think it depends on where you want to be posted with the mpgs. I would imagine the majority of blokes would ideally prefer a RAF base due to the better standard of living. Im thinkin about givin it a go as i wont be dropping that much money and all the perks of being back in are still there All you can do mate is do lots of homework on the web about it because at the minute with the way the tours are goin everyones gonna find them selves away a lot longer than they thought which isnt good for familys. Good luck anyways pal and let us know wot u decide..
Hey guys,just in case you come back to this thread.....I'm MPGS in Deepcut/Pirbright.Its not a bad job but obviously it has its ups and downs.The stagging is really not that bad as you work four days on - four off - four nights - four off.Bearable.You do get thirty days leave a year so if you do the maths your working about 6 months out 12.The money isn't as good as a regular regiment due to the reduced X - factor but the time off means you can find other stuff to bring in cash.Married Quarters/Single Accomadation is an obvious bonus as is the medical and dental.You can pick the location you want to work at but this depends on vacancies but normally its not a problem.Research your site though.

Hope that helps.
hi mick

going to pick your brain with random questions from now on if you dont mind!

how long did you wait to get in from when you applied??

im in plymouth in the south west so have a few camps ect around here but i heard everyone wants to work in the south west so i think there is a long wait down here in the south so may have to look further north.

Alright mate,
It took me about two months to get in and on a course but I was applying from overseas so it still went pretty smooth.
I have heard that people want to be in the south west but my mate has just got in touch and said that Dartmouth Naval College(?) are taking blokes and hes going there.MPGS Recruiting will let you know if there are vacancies and I don't think you'll have any dramas.
i applied last year and didnt hear a thing! ive just applied again on line tonight so fingers crossed i may hear something. is it worth ringing them up once a week in case i get lucky? you never know they may get pissed off with me ringing and give me a job!!!

what does the course involve, is it hard or is it just basic security,weapon handling ect and for how long is the course?

how long you been doing it for now??

sorry about all the questions mick!!!
Hello again mate,yeah I did hear that they put a stop to recruiting last year but it seems to be open again.I'd say to give them a week or so and then give them a call.Keeness could well pay off!
The course itself has been extended but it used to be 10 days.I think it has been extended because of the JPA lessons because obviously its a new toy.On the course you will cover security,law,first aid,weapon handling and range work.Dead easy though and you'll be treated like an adult,no drill,no parades and no bullshit.They way we think is that we're experienced so as long as people are where they're supposed to be in the right rig at the right time,happy days!
I'm in my fourth year now and still enjoying it....most of the time!
Hi Mick,

I am very interested in getting an MPGS post at Dartmouth as my partner is stationed there. Do you have a contact that may be able to speed the process up for me?
I have not long been on a visit to MPGS HQ and can tell you that at the moment there is only one recruiter, you just have to try all options, e-mail from the website, telephone if you can get through.
At this point in time with new sites coming on line they are going to have to step up recruitment anyway so keep at it, our site is 5 down and has been for a while now.
Hi mate,
Nothing I say would help!Sorry.Just back from MPGS HQ as well.Talked to the Trg WO down there and apparently its MCM Div at Glasgow that are f**king it up!There are nigh on 400 vacancies but people are taking forever to get processed.Its not the MPGS.All In can say,is stay with it.
So heres hoping those in the know, can share some info.

I applied to the MPGS a while ago and kind of give up on it, instead focusing on getting a civvy job and having a life in my new town of Northern Ireland.

I start a new job, in a new town. Its a council job so guaranteed employment for life.

Now the MPGS has came calling, offering me a spot with the not to distant future, pay wise they are more or less the same. Family wise I'm single with no kids so available to go anywhere I please,

Is life in the MPGS any good? Whats the likely hood of being paid off after three years? Do you get singly accommodation?

Thanks to anyone who can shed some light..
You are entitled to the same accommodation as a normal singley except no SSSA, theguys where i work dont seem to do that much apart from standing on gate and car passes, and they do get a lot of time off 4 days on 4 off, its a quiet camp here so they all seem happy,mostly gurkhas here except for seniors.

looks quite a boring mundane job but its not bad money and all the perks are there.
You do have to wear that god-awful beret though. Why didn't they get a plain old blue beret like Sigs/Arty/Engrs/RLC?
Substitute Single Service Accommodation ? Pardon my ignorance but what the heck is that?

I guess all I need to know is if I go ahead with MPGS, they are going to house me in a singles block and I am not going to have to rent a god awful bed sit somewhere for a ridiculous amount of money, after all what I not spending on private rent, electricity, poll tax etc I am planning on spending on education. .. Many Thanks


hi jockspuds,

MPGS soldiers are entitled to everything a normal serving soldier is. you get to live in sla. if your married your entitled to MQ we are going quite strong at the moment and recruiting is something we can do easy its glasgow and the fuckwits at apc that are holding everyone back. ive been to 3 sites now hms excellent 30sr and now raf waddo and i must say raf is way to go with being looked after accom wise. dont listen to the bell ends that give it barrier pushers etc etc it is what it is and i kind of enjoy it theres so many courses you can go on adventure training etc plus the 40n4off is awesome you get 40 days a year leave on that plus full med dental and carry on your pension. money fo old rope.

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