Rejoining, potentially as a wanted man

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by roget, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Hi,

    I joined my local RSigs unit as a 17 yo and spent a couple of years with them. I then went away to uni and after spending a year with the OTC let my service lapse as I got interested in sport and academics. To my shame I kept hold of and still have all my issue kit: NBC kit, bivi bag, everything.

    Now three years on (although still at [different] uni as a postgrad) I'm slightly wistful for those days and find myself wondering:
    a)would I be welcome back, though at a different unit?
    b)will I be arrested by the RMP and/or charged for my kit as soon as I set foot - although I still have it (and jolly useful for camping its been too)?

  2. Straight to the Tower with you.
  3. Deny everything, admit nothing & if cornered smile.
  4. I'd be surprised if they noticed, to be honest. I can vaguely recall a thread on here in which it was revealed that it's actually cheaper for a unit to write off old kit that's never been handed back in than go through the hassle of trying to recover it.
  5. Holy moley..... "Deny everything, admit nothing" & keep quiet, you returned it and that's that!. Proceed to get new clobber and fire the old cack onto eBay...... that's the problem with the new generation...... too flipping honest.
  6. You may get up to 180 days in the MotorCycle Training Centre in Colchester and then allowed to rejoin your unit subject to a review of your security vetting. Take it like a man and soldier on many ex MCTC inmates went on to become great soldiers. My father went from Private to half Col with a wee stretch in Colly at the beginning of his career in the late 1950's. You will be OK. They will be a little more gentle on you as TA. Your honesty is admired but improper possesion of kit is still theft and an example will have to be made of you. However if you were an Islamic asylum seeker from Syria who wanted to preach hate here you would be given lots of legal aid, housing benefit and a lot of tree hugging lefties caring for you with support groups funded by the National Lottery.
  7. I bet your old OTC unit will have discharged you after a few months of non attendance.

    Given the turn over of officer cadets in OTC, no one in authority will remember you now - unless you did something famous.

    Your kit will have been written off by now.

    I would just go along to the TA unit you want to join and get on with asking to join. At the relevant time tell them you were in the TA / OTC for a bit and left.

    Even if for some reason you were never discharged - which I doubt - you could surely say you thought you had been.

    I thnk it is hugely unlikely anyone asks you about your kit but if they do just say you have it to hand in if anyone wants it.
  8. Kingos would welcome you with open arms.
  9. That which you take out the system, you are in a position to put back in then surely!

    They'd probably ask you do you have any kit left when you tell them you used to be in another TA unit.

    If not, I would suggest after a few drill nights, whilst attending in Civys and keeping the whole thing shtum, you could mention to your Colour man you never got round to taking your old kit back, and if you brought in everything you had previously, what could be re-used.

    Presumably that would mean everything. He might bolluck you, but would surely see your trying to make ammends. It's not like you were the first person to not hand all your kit back in, that's why things were changed so half the kit is now kept in the TAC.

    Plus you'd be saving the TA a few quid, and frankly, in current circumstances, that's almost reason enough to come clean!
  10. Deny everything and hope that Baldrick is not your star witness!!
  11. Does nobody else think it strange that roget finds his NBC kit useful for camping?
  12. I'm with Taff:

    If they bollock you, say "I always intended to rejoin one day."

    No intention to permanently deprive means no theft.

    I'll defend you.


    Dr_Evil, yesterday (sporting wig).
  13. Why on earth does my place not discharge anyone until they get their kit back? ive got guys that havent tipped up in 2 years, yet still sit in post?

    pisses me off, probably lazyness on the G4 side to recover/write it off.