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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by pingu823, May 26, 2009.

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  1. Hello,

    I have a few questions and I thank you in advance for any advice.

    After serving for 5 years between 2000 - 2005. I am in the process of rejoining and have a date set for July 6th 2009.

    I left as a L/CPL and if I remember correctly, was on pay level 7.

    On the paperwork I recieved, it states the following...

    "I am pleased to advise approval has now been granted to re-enter Army Service into the Royal Signals on Monday 06 July 2009 in the rank of LCPL as a CS Engineer with seniority of 01 October 2003."

    Now I am keen to know what my pay will actually be. I have spoken to the APC and a services pay hotline but have been unable to get any information.

    Do I assume that I will join on the same pay band as when I left (level 7)? Or will I start from the lowest LCPL pay level (level 5)??

    Something that puzzles me is the fact is says about seniority of 01 October 2003?? However, I left in Feb 2005???

    Finally, can anyone shed some light on something called "Get you home allowance"?? Apparantly if you own your own property (which I do), you can claim extra each month??


  2. Welcome back, Pingu!

    The seniority date of 01 Oct 03 allows you to work out the pay level. The Army now says that you were effectively promoted to LCpl on that date. Using my fingers (!), you will start on Level 6 and move to Level 7 this coming October.

    The GYH package doesn't pay much but contributes towards a trip back to your house every month, assuming that you are still living there. I'm not at work (it's the Queen's Birthday....) so can't check. Other posters might know the rules off the top of their heads!

  3. Litotes,

    Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.
  4. Pingu,

    GYH Allowance is for you to get home roughly twice a month. You have to provide proof that you're paying the mortgage and council tax. It's on a sliding scale. I'm based 190 miles from my home and get about £220 a month however when I was roughly half that distance away from my home (90 odd miles), I was getting £160 a month. it's a tax free allowance too.
  5. Matelot,

    The distance from my home to camp is anything from 128 to 191 miles depending on whether you use the motorways or go through the back roads.

    So as soon as I turn up to camp, just go and see the pay office and get the forms.
  6. Forms are so pre-JPA.

    Oh - I have just realised that JPA will be all new to you.

  7. Mutineer,

    Please enlighten me
  8. In the olden days you had people to do stuff for you, like work out claims and put leave and NOK on to the system. Now the onus is on the individual to do all that on-line, onto the JPA (Joint Personnel Administration) system.

    The jury is out on whether this is progress or not - on the plus side claims are paid within a couple of days straight into your bank account, on the negative side you sometimes have to be a bit of a ninja to work it all out.

    All of your allowances and charges are now controlled by JPA - make sure that whoever does the 'Arrivals' at your new unit gets the right information in. ie Food & accn, GYH allowances etc. You should provide evidence of ownership of your home if you want to claim GYH travel.
  9. Oh yippy!!! I can't wait.

    I have all my house docs (council tax, mortgage etc) sorted. I'm just suprised about how I may get an extra £200 a month just cos I own my own pad.

    I'm already going back in on level 6, so it's gonna be happy days for me!!!

    How's the PAYD malarky work, Blandford camp is PAYD. Do you get a swipe card or something???

    Is it more expensive than just taking money out each month as it was "back in my day". lol
  10. This is interesting.
    My husband rejoined last October 2008. His paperwork stated that his seniority date would be 2003 and he would get paid accordingly.
    However, 8 months on and he is being paid at level 2 (went up a level in April).
    Apparently nobody can determine what level he should be on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    With regards to get you home pay, we have requested this month after month on JPA, but still nothing.!
    Can anyone enlighten?
    Nobody seems to know whats going on!
  11. jlw,

    what rank was he?