Rejoining Need Help With Rank

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Geordie_Dude, Jul 29, 2006.

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  1. I was after some advice I am rejoining the Army after just being out for six months due to family reasons.

    I left as a full Bombardier after holding the rank for 18 months I have now been told that I may have to drop to a Lbdr if this is so what will happen with my pay I was on the higher rate when I left.

    I have been talking to my old regt and they say that the drop is due to them not having any record of me ever getting promoted in the first place I have all the pay statements that I got from when I was promoted to show that I was a Bdr and getting paid as one.

    Any one got any advice on what it could be and any suggestions on what to do about this little problem.
  2. They haven't got any record??? Surely in 18 months you recieved a CR as Bombardier. It's a simple case of contacting Manning & Records. Everyone i know who has rejoined (including myself) came back holding the rank they left with as like you they were only out for a short while.
  3. My last CR i did not sign it as i was not happy with it and i asked for an interview with the BC about it he kept putting it off as i had signed off and the time came for me to leave i still had not had my CR i have spoken to manning records and they have told me that they do not have a upto date CR for me since 2004 and they cant understand why not.
  4. Was it ever shown on Part 2 Orders, or maybe it was an acting rank? What about pay statements?

    Presuming that you registered with ArmyNet, have you still got access? If so, view your previous pay statements on there.

  5. 1) Your discharge papers will confirm rank on leaving (I think you were acting)

    2) Your former CO has failled in his duties by not generating a CR prior to discharge......& so has M&RO for letting you leave without one.

    3) As a 'civvy' you have no chain of command therefore can make a fuss (tactfully) by writting to (for example) the armed forces minister to ask WTF they're playing at ('your country needs YOU' an' all that!)

    4) If you cannot resolve the matter amicably tell 'em to poke it & move on/try TA.
  6. Thanks for all the help will try and find out what has been going and and ask some more questions on WTF happened and why. I know it was put on part 2 orders as i can remember reading it and i still have all my pay statments and they say that i was substancive not actting but i will see what i can dig up even if i stur up a storm in a tea cup lol.

    And like you said i can always move on to the TA.

    Thanks again for the help