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Rejoining into the Int Corps from the Infantry

Ok guys this is probably aimed at anyone who has worked in a recruiting office.

The basic's of this question is can I re-join into the Int Corp from the infantry with out the GCSE requirements? I want to know if there are differant requirements for re-joins and if they take into account former service and experiance over academia.

For your info and to help you answer, I served 7 years Infantry, and was a L/Cpl upon leaving, during my time I was mostly recce platoon, including a 1.5 year stint as the Int NCO for the recce in N.Ireland and passed my Tactical Int course at Chicksands. Ive been in Iraq for the past 2 years as a security operator and am looking to leave at the end of this year (11 months) and rejoin.

So there you have it! any takers? what im hoping is that even though I dont have the GCSE's they take into account ive already shown a proficency for Int albeit at a more basic level than there own.

I know alot of you will direct me to the careers office but as im not intending to leave here for a while im just trying to get as much info as possible so I have a firm idea before I go see them at some point.

Thanks in advance guys, any info will be appreciated...!!!
mate, it certainly sounds like you've got a lot to offer the Corps. so it's definitely worth pursuing.

but my first question would be - if you haven't got the necessary GCSEs, why not get them by distance learning? or evening classes when you get back? then the corps might well bite your arm off, rather than regarding you as a possible training risk.

how close are you on the academic requirements? if you only need a couple of GCSEs, it would be sensible to get them whilst youre working out there - plus all quals help for the future, of course, not just the corps.

as for whether we value experience etc - of course we do. but you have to get your foot in the door, and "i haven't got the GCSEs but i'm working on that right now, and expect to have them by XX date" sounds a lot better than "i haven't got the GCSEs and haven't done anything to change it, will you take me anyway?"

or if you don't want GCSEs, consider a distance degree or higher qualification. entrance requirements for those are lower for mature students (experience counts a lot), and a degree trumps GCSEs :)
When I rejoined into the Int Corps after a spell in the RE they made a few noises about GCSEs at the Careers Office and then took a look at my test scores. They swung it, and the Careers Office/Int Corps took the pragmatic view that academic performance up to age 16 should not be a measure of intelligence, or for that matter intelligence ability!

Put simply with a decent test score you should be able to get face time with someone in the Corps - they can then assess you for further training. I assume it still kind of works that way?!

BTW I think you will be expected to get best recruit in basic!!!

Good luck!
Many thanks guys. Im gonna try and take a look at some online courses that I could possibly do during the next 12 months, but good to know they will look past the GCSE's, granted I couldn't be arsed up to the age of 16 but have learnt so much in the 14 years since then, just dont have a certificate to prove it...

Cheers for the input.
Basically I joined at 20, did 7 years ,a few tours... then on Op Telic saw first hand the popstar wages private security were earning so left, done 2 years so far almost paid off my mortgage, then I want to rejoin (career & pension) into a new field, NOT infantry, I enjoyed Int when I did that so would like to persue it again. I dont want to sound like some lemon who's just decided to Join up at 30.

Cheers for everything guys.
Bound_Apprentice said:
How the feck do you get to thirty then decide that the Army is the right career?

Humph! Young (ish) people today! :x
How the feck do you do the job you do*, without reading the available information? He'd already done it for 7 years...

Humph! Skimmers today! :)

*sorry, silly question - forgot for a moment who it is you work for lol
Dontdreamit said:
I am looking and your still wrong.

Bound App was clearly replying to my post regarding 30 year olds on my A3.

Are you drunk?? You are embarrasing yourself CR - step away from the keyboard and take some personal time.
I would love this to go on but my keyboard can't take anymore spat coffee. Sorry CR, on this occasion DDI is right. I apologise for not being clearer in my original post.

It's been emotional!

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