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Discussion in 'Seniors' started by manchester, Jun 26, 2007.

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  1. hi because i left the army when i was 18 afew weeks into basic training afew days ago i had to have a rejoiner interview at the career office. the Sgt wasnt impressed that i havent done much in terms of work in the last 4 years am now 22, and im still dependant on parents as he put it.
    i really want to rejoin because the problems i had (family trouble) that made me discharge as of right first time are now gone, what do you think chances are of them letting me back in?
  2. If you haven't done much in terms of work all of your adult life including jacking in the Army at the first available opportunity, I can understand his scepticism at your motivation to rejoin. What is your reason?
  3. As Tytus said there what is your reason for joining?

    I had lots of Re-joiners and Re-enlisters coming into the office and the majority of them came in and said
    'I was young, probably a bit immature at the time and decided to get out because of family problems'

    Since then Ive done ...................., grown up a lot, have no family issues this time that will make me want to leave, Because I did xx amount of basic training I know what to expect so Ive been working on my fitness and can do my run in....... and been down the gym a lot.

    You are the only one who know why you want to join so I suggest you get your self sorted mentally and physically first or you will just be classed as a waster who's bummed around for four years on the dole sitting on a street corner. It obviously all depends what were on your discharge paperwork and what Glasgow decide but if your accepted you will more than likely have to do the whole selection thing and basic again because its over twelve months.
    Are you wanting to go for the same job again that was your first choice before? as you will more than likely only be able to have one job choice on your special Enlistment authority and this time round no get out of basic free card either.
  4. i want to rejoin because i wish i had never left and feel more ready for the army now, and on my discharge paper work it says exemplary.

    wgat do you think chances are of them letting me back?
  5. By the end of the day it will be from the impression you have given the recruiter and senior recruiter and if they think its worth taking a risk on you. If you've already taken in your discharge paperwork and they've sent your special enlistment authority to Glasgow its in the lap of the gods if the desk officer thinks your a worthy cause. If your going back in with your paperwork and having a more formal chat before they decide if there going to send paperwork and take a risk then I suggest you go in clued up to some of the things I mentioned above, smarten yourself up for the chat (not a proper interview but go as it were) and make sure there aware you are going to stick with it this time.
  6. ive filled all paperwork out the head guy said i will go for selection next if they decide i can at glasgow. i went in a suit n everything.
  7. I cant see you getting a place for selection that quick, it can take a couple of weeks for Records to decide then it might need to be passed to other people to make decisions aswell. Good luck with it though and put 100% in as you will have to really impress at selection as they expect you to know it all. Work on the fitness.
  8. thanks i will