Rejoining, Can getting fit in a week be done?!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Williams2k9, May 24, 2009.

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  1. Hello everyone I'm new to the site... Just to let everyone know I'm rejoining the army due to civvi st being absolute rubbish to put it in a nice way :)... I last joined March 13th 2006 passed out June 2nd 2006 (RLC) lasted 2 yrs and ended up going Colchester so thought 'f' it I'll leave... After 3 months of being out I wanted to rejoin, so went back the careers office.. Its been a yr and a half long process due to me breaking my hand... I got defered and can only join infantry now, im not to bothered though i got my Hgv n all that out of logistics core... My selection is a wk on Tuesday (June 2nd what a coinsedance, 3 yrs to the day of me passing out!!) I'm just wondering i aint done no running for over 6 wks because of having a newborn boy, i reckon i should still be able to do it in under 11 but i want to cut it to under 10... Any tips on getting fit in 7 days pmsl!!
  2. You've got no fucking chance. 8O
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  4. You do realise that you can run without a baby?? What sort of a shiite excuse is that?

    Shoot yourself in the face.
  5. Course you have mate, :)
    Amphetamines, plenty of spinach and 137 tablets of cheap Spanish Fly should see you flerkin bulb sucker....I do know that a Halal butchers in Leeds Borough Market are looking for a meat slicer for a fortnight cos 'Malcolms off wi ricketts', try your luck there
  6. Red Bull it gives you wings, 5 cans you can pass P Coy.
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    a cheese eating surender monkey who made dodgy pedo'ish dolls and then drew erotic pictures?

    As for getting fit in a week, hope the rest of your admin isn't as shite as your forward planing on getting fit?
  12. stop using the internet and get out running !!!
  13. Couldn't you have shoved the baby in a bergan with his head hanging out and used that as a weight training run ??
  14. Wah meter on. :wink:
  15. its a sad state of affairs when you cant get back into the RLC