Rejoining as a R/S Info please

Thing is I left the infantry in May this year and I am interested in rejoining as a regimental specialist.( dont want to go back INF want a change)
But I have a few questions please before I go back down to the careers office and look like a n#b!
Bit of back ground about me, did just over 10 years in the inf and left a full screw. Have spent two years at infantry training centre teaching inf recruits, several op tours including section commander on telic 1 were I also won a medal for gallantry (just saying so hopefully stand out to them) as well as normal inf courses.
My questions are –
1) Do you still have these R/S and what exactly do they do apart from train recruits NCO courses etc
2) Could I rejoin straight in to your corp as an R/S
3) Is it any good?
Any constructive info would be handy before I go to careers office. Thanks !
Have sent you some info, let me know if you dont get it and I will try again, sometimes the Pms can take a while.

You will get advice from the RS lads on the trade but it can be a nightmare getting back as a Re-Reservist into a different job (because of time served you will more than likely be this rather than a Re-enlister)
Best thing to do i take your discharge paperwork down to the ACIO and let them know what you have done since you left. They will fill out a D500 and maybe a 203 special enlistment authority and see what the REME desk officer thinks who may also speak with infantry one. Hopefully you have exemplary on your discharge papers (should do if your telling the truth) and dependant on time out (if less than a year and medical in date) they will probably send you straight to phase 2 with your infantry back ground. If youve been out for over a year you will have to get med paerwork done by GP then more than likely have a medical at selection centre(all depends what Glasgow and SO2 recruiting says.

Good luck, hope it goes well and keep us informed.

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