Rejoining and transferring to RAMC as CMT

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by exrecymech, Jan 29, 2011.

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  1. Hi everyone, I've been out for 4 and a half years and am looking to rejoin later this year. Want to transfer to the RAMC when I do and go CMT. I did 10 years and got out as a fullscrew and have been working in the sandpit since. Does anyone know what manning levels are like at the moment and if it's even remotely possible to get back in as CMT? The Army website lists CMT as a "Most Wanted" job so I'm hoping that's a good sign for me. All advice and slaggings welcome.
  2. First port of call exrecymech is your local ACIO / AFCO, they will have an idea of vacancies or will ring SO3 RAMC Soldier Recruiting at AMD...
  3. Thanks Leviticus I'll be doing exactly that as soon as I get back to the UK on leave. Was just trying to put feelers out because a lot of my mates that are still in have been saying that the Army is nearly fully manned and getting back in is likely to prove to be a nightmare. Not meaning to sound cold and uncaring but a few others have said that this may be down to the fact that injured lads and lasses are counted in the number of unit strength (which I agree with since they shouldn't be cast aside just because they're in hospital), when a lot of units are actually undermanned when it comes to deployable personnel.

    Anyway thanks again for the reply, and I'll look forward to any other views and comments.