Rejoining after Surgery


Hello fellas, any advice appricated...

Have had surgery back in November on and old injury for which I was medically discharged over a year ago. Its been carried out by an RAF surgeon who believes I will be fit enough to serve however in a rear eche capacity.

Can anyone tell me how you go about re-joining with this in mind, is there a waiting to before you can re-apply, do you re-join with a lower medical catagory, does the recruiting office simply grab your med doc's and tell you which units you can and cant apply to? what are the implications. In the same light, would it be a quicker option of backdooring it through a TA unit? do they have a different procedure?

I would imagine that your best course of action is to speak to a Recruiter mate.

Hope it works out for you.


If you're still in touch with your old unit (this happened a this in the army back on the 80s) then writing to your old CO could smooth the way.

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