Rejoining after SNLR?

My husband got injured in basic training for infantry with the royal regiment of Scotland, and after 2 months in Hook company was discharged. On his forms it's down as QR9.414 Released from army service.

He has been told he has a year for it to heal and get fit again and then can reapply, but none of this is in writing which I find worrying. He was also told he can join the TA in the meantime which again was not in writing.

What are his chances of reenlisting with QR9.414? He is very keen to get back into the army as soon as he possibly can.

Many thanks.
There will be an expert on shortly but surely SNLR means just that? And with the Army making people redundant left, right and centre I wouldn't have thought his chances very good.

Like I said an expert will be about soon.

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I left with a SNLR, and was told I was allowed to rejoin due to the category of SNLR. I didn't so don't know whether it actually happens.

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