Rejoining after medical discharge

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Nicko, Nov 4, 2005.

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  1. Some advice sought....

    I was discharged from the Army just over 2 years ago due to a back injury.

    I've now fully recovered from the injury and would like to rejoin. Am I wasting my time or will I be considered?
    Does the Disability Discrimination Act apply to the forces, i.e. would I be entitled to a fresh physical/medical examination??

    I intend to spend 6 months preparing physically and would like some opinons on wether it's worth it or not?

    Also, would I have to go through the selection process from scratch? (Which wouldn't be a problem)

    Many thanks

  2. I'm not 100% sure if it applies to this situation, but the nurse at RSC told me that as long as you are clear of any symptoms by 3 years then you are fine to be reevaluated. If I were you I'd go to the careers office and ask, just to make sure, but I'm sure after 3 years you can reapply.
    My advice would be to start training now (It'll hardly do any harm) and keep it up, then start the application process just before the 3 year point, that way you've got a good 8 months to train, and even if they do deny your application, you can go to a doctor and get him to write a letter explaining you're perfectly fit to serve.
    Don't give up if they say that you are not medically fit to serve though, they told me that, and now I've passed RSC and will start training on nov 20th, even though the entire application process took 8 months, I got there eventually. You would have to do selection again though.

    Good luck
  3. Nicko,

    Of course it is, whether or not you re-join. Just take it carefully as you rebuild your strength and flexibility. Ask your physio for a training programme and make certain that you work on your core stability, back muscles and your prio-receptors (no dictionary with me, so I can't check). Have you had your posture checked to ensure that you are walking correctly? After years of suffering bad backs, it failed again and I ended up in front of the quack. He sent me to hospital, and my NZ physiotherapist asked me to walk across the floor in front of her. She was so lovely that I would have crawled across razor blades if she'd asked, but that is another story! Anyway, she told me I wasn't walking straight and sent me to a podiatrist (no dictionary...). He agreed and fitted me with insoles and, touchwood, my back problems have significantly reduced. Spurning my offer of undying love, the physio' returned to NZ, where she rejoined her 6' 6" rugby playing Maori, who had no need of insoles.

    Good luck!

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  5. [quote="ArmySurplusSpecial
    she wasnt in sennelager by any chance was she?!![/quote]

    No, Tidworth! She had a mate who was almost as lovely but wouldn't have been worth the deep cuts and loss of blood.....caused by the missus when she found out.