Rejoining after full service

Is it possible for a service person to rejoin to fill an OAVL PID, after completing a full career (22 yrs) under Open Engagement?
If so......would they lose their pension every month, even though it’s on AFPS75. New contract (VEng) and new pension scheme (AFPS15).
Drunken ramblings again over the weekend , I say no they say yes. Cheers
Speak to Flying Felix I think he did this.


Best bet if you have full career behind you, and "marketable experience" is to call the relevant desk officer in MCM at Glasgow, and set out your stall so to speak. There are plenty of unconventional options out there, particularly if you have some qual that is in short supply.


Nothing wrong with dropping a rank or two if people want to soldier on and add value. HQSW in Tidworth has an ex Reg 1* who transferred into one of its reservist posts as a captain on leaving the Regular Army. Caused some raising of eyebrows when he was heard (as an Ops Rm watchkeeper) offering some "guidance" to a TA CO over the phone!

My point is though that whilst there are "rules" on rejoins etc, MCM can (and does) bend them a lot if it suits their purpose to fill slots, particularly where there is a specific trade/skill shortage. You can only ask! Also looking at your original post, if you have a specific PiD/role in mind, what will really help is to have the unit/organisation that owns the PiD to be fighting your corner as well.
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