Rejoining After discharge - Advice needed...

Morning Chaps,

In brief, at the beginning of 2010 I notified my Unit that I would not be able to attend for 6+ months due to personal dramas. I was told that if i did not attend a certain training night (two days from said conversation) that I would be binned. Sure enough when I finally got around to recovering my post from my previous address 4 or 5 months later I found my 1st, 2nd and 3rd Discharge letters.

It's been nearly two years since this happened and i'm bored of civvie street like you wouldn't believe, my question is am I going to have any likely dramas trying to rejoin? I wish to try and rejoin the Reg however as I have relocated It would be the opposite end of the country to where I was previously. The main reason for asking is that I have no idea what my Discharge papers say, all that I received was a P45 and a letter from some Service personnel and Veterans something or other. I have a feeling that going back to the Regiment might mean being told to f*ck off due to the circumstances of my discharge (not getting the letters/replying to messages etc). However any advice would be great.

Did you just turn up and tell an adult you wouldn't be in or did you ask for a leave of absence?
I asked the CSM/PSI via email and telephone on several occasions about taking a leave of absence but was pretty much told 'Get your arrse in and keep going or bore off..' I was pretty pissed off with it all at the time due to everything going on around me and probably should have done more about it, but as I said it ended with 3 discharge letters and a P45. Can you rejoin if you've been discharged as SNLR?


Stock advice, but the answer is to go in and ask.

You may technically be able to rejoin as you were probably admin discharged, but whether the unit will want you back is another matter. It won't stop you going to another unit who may take a different view.
Sounds like they have discharged you as a long-term non-attender so there should be no dramas with re-joining but as The Duke has said you would be better off heading towards a different unit.

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