rejoining after break from service..


hello forum,
i originally joined the army in 2000 (R.E), and after serving over 6 years i decided to leave, and since leaving i have mobilized one and then joined a FTRS contract for just over 3 years which i finished last month.
Im now trying to rejoin regular and have already completed my 203 paperwork that has since been sent and cleared from Glasgow.
iv now been told that il have to re do basic training which im not too impressed about as iv only just left, but i have nothing to worry about as im fully fit and know what to expect. although i was hoping to rejoin and return straight to a unit..
my main question to the forum is regarding pay,, will my pay be the same pay band from when i left along with my lssa days? (lcpl top level) or will i go back to day 1 week 1 recruits pay? even the staff at my local army careers are unsure.
thanks for reading and thank u i advance for any help that u can give,
regards barnaby,

Some time ago i looked into rejoining and i believe that during your basic training you will only be paid a basic wage, however on pass out you should revert to the same pay grade as that of what you was on when you left, however you may have to wait a short period of time to get your rank back!

Hope this helps


i could re do basic training again, but i dont think i could do it on a recruits wages again, especially with no guarantee of getting my rank and pay back after passing training, not to mention my lssa (over 1000 days), id be better off joining the T.A and keeping my rank, pay scale and lssa days.
thanks for the information, im going to carry on with the application and wait until i hear it from the horses mouth.
kind regards
Also remember if you are joining the TA, in some cases you maybe given a rank above, just something to think about mate.




My brother rejoined after leaving after 9 years service up to 1999. Then he did 3 years FTRS early 2003ish and rejoined the regs to complete the 22yrs in 2007. He never had to redo basic but a 2week refresher at Corps parent unit then straight out to assigned regt. He Went back in on the same substantive rank as when he left FTRS, so never lost out financially. However things may have changed in 4years!



Agreed, i have been told by my local T.A unit (R.E) that i would lose my rank but may be fast tracked in the future. i think this is a common regular myth that regulars will get promotion if they were to join the T.A,