rejoining after 10 years

Thinking about rejoining but am unsure if my age will get in the way. I am nudging 38 and want to have another bash at Army life. i left in 2002 after 12 years but volunteered for Iraq in 2005 on a 7 month tour.
So my question is can i get back in? Will i have to retrain? Is it gonna be tough fitting back in after so long on civvy street? .
has anyone managed to get back in at 38 ? , if so can i get some advice please
I did think that the age was going to be a problem, although i was hoping that because of my previous service there would be allowances. probably best getting down the recruitment centre.
Don't quote me on this but I think you may be too old. To be honest, I can't say I'd be looking to get back in now if I was you. The Army is pretty crap even in comparison to 10 years ago. All penny-pinching, avoidance of culpability and wondering when the next deployment / pay cut / fast-ball will hit. All work and no play etc......Sound 'jaded' in my view? but only 2 years left and I'm outta here!
Not just that, but would you really want to do basic again with a load of 17-18 year olds.
I do understand where you are coming from , i was lucky enough back in 2002 to be able to buy myself out(think thats all stopped now) because i had a "bad week" but since leaving i have always thought that i should have stayed in . To be fair i am not having a barrel of laughs outside of the Army with the way work is going. Just want a secure job again and worry about the rest later.
I'm sure the cut off is 33/34? Must say i agree with boogieman aswell, I love the Army but must admit it is all work no play these days.
The TA could be an option , how are they received these days? i did work with a few of them in Iraq and thought they were blinding.
Hit and miss mate. Some regs like the TA, others not so much. What was you thinking of doing? The TA is definitely a viable option but don't make the mistake of thinking it's a back door into the regs. FTRS' are slimming down and even lads that where asked to stay on after a tour have got back and been told 'computer says no.'
I am pretty sure you are too old now.

TA is still an option or the ACF as an AI.

Join a Yeomanry and you could still do Recce type roles. Find out where your local unit is, or if you can join a specialist unit. You can still do a tour and do your time.
32 and 11 months in majority of jobs, as said above look to joining your local TA, things have changed a lot in 10 years and the TA now are extremely likely to go on tours, there is a big recruitment drive for TA at present aswell and I completey agree with Chocolate Frog comments.
I am thinking of doing the same..but I am the grand old age of 45!
I went onto the Army website to the Role Finder section, typed in my details, including my age, and was offerred a heap of roles, and not just "non war-ry" ones.

Role Finder - British Army Website

For example... Tank Commander (Although I am not called Gary), Commando (Yes, honest!), Combat Medic, Parachutist Reconnaissance, Army Skills Instructor (I fancy this one), Search Specialist (I guess thats sitting on Google all day?) as well as things like Drivers, Support roles and more Civvy type jobs like Prison Officer, Welder, Saddler etc.

I was pretty surprised to say the least. I have made tentative enquiries about some roles and have been told age is not an issue!

Role Finder - British Army Website Note age requirements are no longer listed. I was told they were more interested in the fact that as a Civvy I develop training courses and am a climbing and motorcycle instructor and hence show good training skills.

Good luck!

Footnote:..just been back onto the Careers Office...seems that all is not so after all. The roles I am interested in are only "non age limited" if you are currently serving. My gap of 6 years is too much :( That was NOT made clear in my initial phone calls.
You could join the MPGS (stagging on) they recruit up to the age of 45
Very unlikely as he has been out for over 6 years now.


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The TA could be an option , how are they received these days? i did work with a few of them in Iraq and thought they were blinding.
How are they recieved? Depends on whether 5 Alpha is on the thread or not. Re regs, the job security isn't there the way it used to be. Bad times. You'll be better doing the TA. I've done both and rejoined the TA after 10 year hiatus from the Regulars. You will have to re-do basic either way, and as an old un, you'll be with more of your age range in the TA than the Regs which makes basic that little bit more bearable. As regards Job security, doesn't exist any more unless you run your own business and aren't going to fire yourself.
I tried rejoining 2 years ago after a 10 year period and was told age limit for rejoining was 33. They didn't ask what I had done or where I wanted to go. I barely got through the door. They did tell my I would have to do basic again though.

That said, chatting to a guy I was in with, he reckoned if I had have spoken to him he could of pulled some strings.

I'm glad I didn't go back to be honest, but I do wish I had stayed in longer. Made my bed now though..

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