Rejoining (3rd time)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Andris, Feb 16, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    just want peoples opinions on this before i go off to the AFCO with my statement to go with my AF B203 to Glasgow.

    Ive been in the army twice never finishing phase 1.

    The first time i joined was a while back when i was 17, i signed up for the RLC as a driver, although i wantd to join the infantry my mum had to sign her permission to join. She would only do this if i didnt go in a combat role, which i accepted and got on with it. Got to phase 1 and loved it, then after about 5 weeks my grandmother was taken ill and passed away. I was given compassionate leave and backsquadded to week 2. I came back and tried to get on with it which i did for another 8 weeks but i was getting told that my mum wasnt coping so well at home and decided to DAOR.

    I rejoined 2 years later hoping i could finally join the infantry, i was told the army needed me in the RLC as a driver/rad op, confused but eager to get off civvy street i agreed to rejoin on these terms which i totally regret.

    I completed a further 7 weeks of training while talking to the welfare officer and platoon staff about my unhappiness of the job i was going to be going to. I ended up being given an ultimatum - leave the army under SNLR or continue and join the RLC. I decided to leave and hopefully one day be able to go back and join the infantry.

    Does anyone think its at all possible that i could re join and finally get my wish of joining the infantry? 3rd time lucky and all that??

    Ive never been in any trouble while ive been there and am currently awaiting a conduct report from Kentigern House to show the AFCO/send to Glasgow.
  2. I rejoined the one time and I believe I saw that you can only rejoin the once in my contract.
  3. Have a feeling Glasgow are going to say NO
  4. Why didn't you continue then transfer once into RLC Phase 2?

    TBH i think you'll get a big FO pill.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Simple solution:

    Toddle off down to the ACIO and ask. Then you will getthe definitive answer rather than relying on ill informed speculative comments on here.
  6. Unfortunately I fear if you have been discharged with SNLR, I highly doubt you will have a 3rd bite of the cherry.

    Not to read between the lines but with the ecominic downturn it is inevitable fact that the army can now be more choosey in manning, although we currently are undermanned.

    More people will tend to join, when there are no jobs on the employment market, as people do not want to be on the jam roll.

    I joined at time where the job market was shiote and owing to where I am geographically from.

    I am not mystic meg but I predict there will be growing trend in selection and recruitment as the civilian market declines...

    Just for my 16 pence worth for every year I have served.
  7. Doesnt seem likely you will get another crack, but hey, you never know.......
  8. If you left the Arm under QRs Para 9.414 (SNLR) you're fcuked and you are NOT coming back, me thinks there must be a credit crunch going on (how cynical eh)!

  9. How about re-joining for a second time? My lad due home today after failing a CDT. However, at his, what I assume to be exit interview, he was told he can re-apply in nine months time. Anyone aware of the procedure at all? I am sure after nine months dwelling on what a complete bell end he has been he may well be keen to do so.

    On the same issue, but slightly different points - assuming he were allowed to re-enlist would he keep his original army number and would he still go through basic again as if he were joining from scratch?

    Cheers for any replies that may be forthcoming. Those of you that want to say he his a complete prick etc etc can do so to their hearts content, it's nothing I havent told the little shite.
  10. ^^^^^^ re-join after a CDT fail?? I sincerely hope that it is not the Army's policy to let these idiots re-join. How is getting kicked out meant to be a deterrent if there is a loophole to get back in..........................???
  11. SNLR is a big boot up the arrse (ie don't come back).Fully trained SP have been binned after failing CDT - I doubt they'd let a crow back in.However, there is always the exception, but don't get your hopes up.
  12. Hopes are not overly raised to be honest, but it is what he was told. I must confess I do find it somewhat strange they would even consider having him back, but he was told he can re-apply in nine months. Despite his plea to Glasgow he has been binned. I would tend to agree with you that if being turfed out for the length of a pregnancy is the punishment then its really no deterrent at all.
  13. Frayed Knot didn't the lad also get done for assault in Osnatraz? Sounds like the Army has done the correct thing in getting rid and the wrong thing in giving him any hope of getting back in!

    Soldiers need quality people they can totally rely on - not idiots like your son. He is your problem, don't try to pass him on!
  14. No he wasnt done but told there were no charges to answer. Yep by the letter of the law/rulebook they have done the right thing - besides which, I am sure he was fully aware on the rules surrounding drugs. As for giving hope of getting back in, they said, you can re-apply in nine months time, whether he will or not remains to be seen. As things stand its more my hope than his.

    You may judge him as you see fit, it bothers me not, however, I would be inclined to say he has done a couple/few idiotic things than brand him an idiot. Not trying to pass him on to anyone, I am just looking out for him as best I can. Think he is more his own problem than mine.
  15. im not doing it just because i need a job, im actually earning more on civvy street but im not happy, i miss the army. Also as i was offered the chance to stay or leave due to my performance at training. at the time i wanted to leave and did so, a mistake on my part as i know i should of stayed. in interviews the CO and welfare officer told me that they hoped i would change my mind about leaving.

    And dont hold the first discharge against me, it wasnt because i didnt like it or couldnt handle it, im and only child and my mum had just lost her mother 8 months after her father and the news from home was that she was becoming very unwell. What else could i do but be there for her?