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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by vadorlord, Oct 23, 2007.

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  1. Cive life at the min sucks ass im just not geting into it, Been out now about a year and 11 months

    What shit will i have to do to rejoin, i did 7 years and was in the infantry

    Anyinfo will be Fab cheers lads
  2. wow no help on this Well never mind thanks anyways
  3. Generally, just toddle off back to the careers office....and they will guide you through. You havent been out long; chances are if you rejoin the same unit as you left, you might even get straight back to Bn.
  4. Yeah i aready knew that just wondering has anyone been thro the peocess on this site thats all :?
  5. They have - if you search this outside the wire board (or the admin/pay board) - you will find plenty of people who have done it
  6. if you have done juniors you also get £6000 rejoin bounty!!!!!
  7. vadorlord.

    I went through this process a couple of years ago.

    Its all fairly simple.

    1. Go to the ACIO and inform them of what you want to do.
    2. Redo the BARB test
    3. Have an informal interview as to why you wish to rejoin, etc.
    4. I then had to go and have a re-enlistment medical. 1 morning at Pirbright.
    5. Then i spoke to my trade sponsor at MCM Div who then sorted out my posting and getting my rank back.

    I was out for about a year in total prior to rejoining.
    The whole process took about 3 months to get sorted.

    All the best
  8. Handbag,

    I hope its changed, but when i tried to talk to them online i only got offered one course of action.

    "Report to your nearest ACIO and have a chat with them" is all i got.
  9. Or you could volunteer to do a tour of Iraq or Afghanistan as a Regular Reservist and apply through SO2 manning while you're out there. I've known blokes to take this route and it at least means that you're back in green while you're waiting for approval to re-enlist full-time, you get the opportunity to get fit and save a shit load of cash, you get an extra medal to pin on your 2s once you're back in and you increase your chances of not having to re-do basic training. Keep badgering them once your application is submitted though.
  10. This will be the minimum you will do if your going back into the same job and you should get the same Regiment. It will all depend on what was on your discharge paperwork (hopefully exemplary) and what Army Reg you came out on. Just remember to take your red book/discharge paperwork in with you and the recruiter will send off the special enlistment paperwork off and then let the infantry MCM div SPSO make his decision.

    If your wanting a different job things are a bit harder and a lot more red tape between different desk officers, RG, and more to do at ACIO, selection and maybe trade training.
  11. Thanks for all the info lads WOW Iget £6000 to rejoin cheers Easy LOL

    And **** going back to training for a laff and to anser your Ques yeah i want to go stright back into my same unit , But also the old TA route sounds good to