been asked before fellas, need up to date as its changed recently:

How long can you be out before having to re-do phase 1/phase 2/keep rank?



Depends how long you were in for I think, Ive been out just over a year but have had no proplems getting back in and dont have to re-do phase 1 or 2, fairly sure no one has to do phase 1 again if they have already served and passed phase 1 and 2 training. Various factors will effect it, unfortunatly the careers office probably wont beable to give you a 'cast in stone' answer either, as they wont know for sure until your application has been processed, but they would be your best bet for advise.
I know for the navy at least it's a maximum of 2 years outside before you have to go through training again. All that's required of you is to show up for a week to get kit reissued and general admin etc.


I'll think you'll find there mate that the_matelot speaks for us all army and navy because i've just rejoined and i didn't have to anything just straight back to battalion because i've only been out for 6 months
been out 2 years and just got accepted straight back no loss of rank and no retraining,and im 36 years old,
just waiting on medical people to sort out my med date before atestment,
also army medical lasts for 2 years now so there not sure i need one,
however i do have 1 question a worrie if you like ,
i didnt get a med discharge but can the med people turn you down without giving you a medical ?
I was an MD so i'm going to face a heavy medical, probably consultant assesments, etc before I get a P1 cat again.

I don't think so howie, they need to give you a full medical before a decision is made to refuse on medical grounds.
If your concerned about upper age limit, as a guess mate, I think thats a recruiting office hurdle not a medical one.

Question: as a rejoin can you still be accepted back if your medical cat is determined as other than P1. For example, I think theres a catagory for lads who can't go into teeth arms, just allowing you to re-join support arms.

i was out 5 yrs.....had to go Lichfield..(watse of time),and do ITD's....there is no structure on rejoins,think they just make it up! Benn back in (including Lichfield) 1 half me tape back after 6 mths

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