Rejoin with SNLR

No SNLR is for life not just for Christmas
Sorry Im bad

Of course you can mate just because you were c**p then doesnt mean you havent got better come and see us We take everyone!!

Is that better Biscuit AB???
I just been looking SNLR for myself
I got in touch with the Army Careers Office and acording to them it is possible to re-enlist with a SNLR on record

You have to take discharge papers to Army Careers Office and have a interview with the officer incharge, he then writes a report and sends it of and it depends on what your old regt say (can enlist to any unit but its still upto them)
I got chucked out SNLR many years ago. I got exemplary on my service record, and still have the letter saying I can rejoin (although I think they would want me now even less (older, fatter and more useless :oops: )).
How many people here have got SNLR
What for?
What doing job wise now?

Thought i would be nosey

What? I talk to myself, got a problem with that?
For the record I wouldnt want to work with you if you were reenlisted.
each to there own but remember
people learn from there mistakes,
its what make us human
i learned from mine

What? I talk to myself, got a problem with that?
Services No Longer Required

Draw your own conclusions.
Service No Longer Required. A catch all phrase that covers a multitude of sins some of them stoppers, some of them blown out of proportion.

Depending on specific circumstances it is possible to re-enlist on SNLR using a special enlistment authority 298.

If you are a thief or a sex pest forget it, but if you were just a little handy with your fists for instance then I'm sure several regiments would welcome you to their respective boxing teams.
To qualify my previous post:

12. THE CHAIRMAN: What is SNLR? A. That is a very interesting one. SNLR means Service is No Longer Required, in effect it is a kind of dishonourable discharge. Many of them were in that predicament in that because they were unwell they offended. A great deal of this happened after the Falklands. Within a year of the Falklands War many of the young men in the Falklands were discharged from the Army for having offended. We are looking at the consequences of the state at that time which is not recognised, which could still be revisited. I think many of them should have been medically discharged.

Looking at the ranks in the Army and in the forces generally, NCOs and officers tend to be about one fifth and yet 44 per cent of the men I have seen had some kind of ranking. One wonders if this is because they were people of ability who suddenly realised that they were not well and did not have the abilities they once had, or is it that they had the good sense to know there was something wrong with them, or did they have family? I see warrant officers, people of obvious standing and men of calibre and to find them dilapidated and reduced to the state that I find these men in is very puzzling.

Link: 00.doc
nice one "the_cad"
i did not relise that it covered as much as that

that was one of the reasons i asked what people had been SLNR for to get an idea of the range of reasons the army use this for


What? I talk to myself, got a problem with that?
can I renlist with a mild case of Atopical Ecezma it doesnt itch it doesnt effect me mentally or physically just a few little marks on my arms 8)
I was SNLR'd, and I would love to rejoin now but I don't think there is any hope of it. I was in the Signals RS operator. To give you guys the whole story, I was accused of Rape, by a nutty cow that was on our camp, she was dishonorably discharged as she had falsely accused 6 guys previous to myself of Rape, which she had never told anyone about. Anyway I was fully exonerated, and cleared no forensics, no evidence at all the police surgeon had said that she showed no sign of sexual or physical abuse. So I got cleared about 5 months after she accused me, by the time all the DNA and everything came back.

Unfortunately I got no help from my reg at all, my adj was a twat and as I said I got no support at all, I had to go by myself to the police station, sort out my own lawyer the lot. This really messed my head up mainly because I loved the life in the forces that much and particularly the sense I had developed that you are looked after, which was obviously just shattered.

I ended up going to the Psychiatrist with serious depression. He recommended me for discharge, and a month later I was kicked out with SNLR on my record. I have since got my head sorted.

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