Rejoin? Oooops, RIP...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DozyBint, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Full story here.

    This isn't the first time this has happened, so what's going wrong? Who is screwing up? Is it simply a case of the driving database not being updated? I can't imagine the torment of the families when these letters are received...
  2. Awful news.

  3. If they're not using the correct datasource to issue these letters, how can they be sure the individual is correctly qualified? Doesn't JPA store this kind of details - "MATTs -check: eligiblity - check; pulse - check"? If not what good is it?

    PS That was a rhetorical question...
  4. Of course "lessons will be learned"and "levels of service will be monitored" instead of "YOU sent the letter, so YOU are fired"
  5. Fired? Fired? Civil Servants don't get fired, they get moved sideways or upwards....
  6. mysteron

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    :crash: :crash: :crash:

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    ..and breathe.........

    What a bunch of tw@ts. Really. No, really. How fcuking dare they and then kiss it off as "something regretable". Sleep safe tw@tface.

    Off to look for some valium then go and beat up next door's cat.
  7. "Fired? Fired? Civil Servants don't get fired, they get moved sideways or upwards.... "

    What makes you think a CS did it - equally as likely to be the army to blame - but wait, the CS are all evil incompetent mongs, while the army is beyond reproach in everything isn't it?
  8. Well Councils do it, Banks do it, the police do it, the courts do it so why is it such a big thing if some clerk in the Army gets it wrong . Yes i know it should not happen but people make mistakes, just like you.
  9. I specifically didn't launch into slagging off individuals because no-one would deliberately do something like this and to err is human, but that said, my thoughts are thus:

    Unlike with banks and councils, those deaths occurred whilst the person was wearing the uniform of the service that is trying to re-recruit them, thus it is logical that the service trying to re-recruit them knows that they are dead. Quite how those deaths (and the cases of career-ending injuries) do not get recorded in whichever database churns out the re-recruitment details, I have no idea. If the system "knows" that those people are no longer servicemen and women, why don't those systems "know" that the person is deceased?
  10. I agree with Dozy.

    The Uk is relatively small, the amount of deaths in Afghan and Iraq is not in the 1000s, it should be easier to simply delete the few hundred that wont be re-enlisting off these databases.

    How many times this has happened where a family member has recieved one of these letters, doesnt matter in my opinion, one recieving that type of letter should be enough to get it sorted rather than sticking on a freaking lessons learnt proforma.

    I wouldnt blame the persons who sealed the envelopes cos I doubt they were paying much attention to what they were doing.
  11. As said no one who has been involved in this very unfortunate incident will of known of this and will be extremely upset if they knew that they had caused misery to the family. I have been one of the many people who have had to send 1000's of letters out to individuals that were on the Lead Sheets that the advertising company (GS) used to send the the ACIO's. As recruiters its part of the job and unfortunately then have to pick up the phone calls of disgruntled parents. In my time as a recruiter I had one mother sobbing that her son had been killed in a car crash months before, one mother shocked as her son was only 4 and another one who was over 80.
    Im not trying to take away the hurt this as caused the family but in this day and age of the advertising gurus it could be anything from going onto an Army website, filling in a form at a supermarket, school or college. I also had kids admit that they had put other pupils names on forms as a prank to sh*t them up.

    There are also ists of ex serving soldiers who come out which I believe this incident had sneaked through the system. I agree there should be some kind of record or data base to warn the powers above not to touch but then people would say that your erasing there heroic service from the system. Its a no win situation that shouldnt happen but unfortunately has and it doesnt matter if it was a uniform or CS no harm was intended.
  12. Didnt this happen a while back to an ex 3 para cpl who was killed?

    A mistake yes, but not one that should repeat itself.
  13. Den Brady was a mate of mine who was fatally wounded in the tent next to mine. Funny thing is, he was keen as fcuk and probably would have rejoined - Had he not been killed in a pointless war. To rub salt in the wounds of his mother, deliberately or otherwise, is nothing short of disgusting and inexcusable in 2007.

  14. dozybint.
    In brief. Seperate databases with no interrelational links. There's no excuse.
  15. Its happened again recently. The army wrote to Jason Burt, who was killed in the falklands war with 3 para.

    They asked him to attend a reunion.Obviously upsetting for the family.