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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by TABBER, Jan 29, 2007.

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  1. Hello fellas...looking at rejoining.

    I have a medical condition which is offically on the 'banned' list - permanent metal fixation to a stress fracture in the foot (lower limb)

    However I was told by the AFCO, it was possible to 'appeal' to the selection doctor at Pirbright as a rejoin case and will possibly end up restricted to a certain trade (having to re-trade) or corp, if im allowed in at all.

    Now, this sounds like a run round the houses to no availe. However my only legitimate option.

    Could anyone tell me anything more about these appeal procedures, exactly how final the 'banned injury' list is and, if known, would my particular injury even be looked at twice in an appeal.?

    - Also, I say legitimate option, what do we think of just going for a medical and failing to mention I have this condition. Would it ever be cross checked with NHS or Naval (injury occured in the Navy, was Army before, to clarify) records?

    Any suggestions or comments on this issue would be helpful, even if its just someone with similar experience telling me Im wasting my time....
  2. metalwork??

    more like a case of itchy feet!!
  3. TABBER,

    I dont think i can really help but i can tell you that someone i once knew appealed as a re-enlister and, after being rejected twice, had another bash and was accepted to go for a medical.

    In a nutshell, what have you got to lose if you dont try? GO DO IT!!! =)
  4. If you are not honest and up front on your medical condition, and do manage to slip through, then there is every likelihood that you would be discharged as Defect on Enlistment.

    And yes they will request your former service Medical Records.

    Tell the truth and let the system do it's job - good luck.
  5. Oh yeah i forgot about the part where you asked if you should just not mention your condition, i wouldnt advise you lie, but dont let your condition stop you giving it a good go. Shy boys get no sweets!!! Good luck dude =)