Rejoin - LSSA

I left the Army after nine years service in March this year, only to start the ball rolling to rejoin in August (long boring tale).

My question is do I retain my LSSA days (1000+) or do I revert back to zero.

Seen a couple of contradicting answers on the forum and was hoping to tie down the definitive.
Your time away is just a blip in your reckonable service so you retain your days just as you retain your service number, pay increments etc.
You should retain your days, however keep an eye on your pay statement for your LSSA qualifying date. I am currently trying to get LSSA for two soldiers - one a rejoin and one a transfer from the RAF, because their 'enlistment' date is shown as Jan 06 the LSSA qualifying date on their pay statements shows as Jan 07 (12 months reckonable service to qualify for LSSA remember?)

Both soldiers deployed in June and are still not in receipt of this allowance. Both should be on the middle rate (or level 2 post JPA) and I am fcuking furious about it!

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