Rejoin denial for mil clerk! need advice

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AndyWD, Oct 19, 2008.

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  1. Hi i posted on here a while back explaining that i wanted to rejoin the army and that i was going for the AGC as a military clerk, it has now been 6 weeks i phoned up my ACIO and they told me that i had been denied due to my career profile, i dont know exactly what that means but they have given me another choice, so i took on my second option which was the Royal Artillery Logistics or Royal Artillery Regiment as a gunner, i am afraid that i may be rejected again on unknown terms, i have never been in any trouble or had any disciplinary action taken against me whilst i was in the army apart from the odd show parade or extra duty, i am a 22yo lad am of a very physically fit state. but i think that it might be due to the fact that i am ex infantry and the transition to an admin path is a no no, would i have been rejected due to that factor?

    Any advice or help please as i am adamant to rejoin but am afraid of another random rejection, i would like to read any suggestions or helpful guidance from anyone who is clued up in these matters, they told me to phone back in 2 weeks this time instead of six.
  2. AGC Mil clerk at the moment is very popular,so they can pick and choose who they want mate.
    I know that doesnt help.
  3. Before anyone else kicks off, why do you want to be a clerk?
  4. Is that right MSI64? I thought AGC were screaming out for bodies?
  5. If that was the case why are re-joiners to that trade getting a £6000 bounty?
  6. ACIOs are generally pushed to fill gaps in manning and you can bet yr bottom dollar the Gunners are undermnned at the moment... You could just join them and transfer out after say 12 months else you may risk never getting back in.
  7. No idea why the bounty for re-joiners is still there?
    I just know its very popular,especially with foreign and commonwealth applicants.
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Where is your ACIO that has rejected you for AGC(SPS)? PM me if nec.
  9. RLC Ammo Tech needs lots of bodies apparently - worth a thought?
  10. Ammo Tech is my second job choice :)
  11. Probably not the ACIO that has rejected him. If he is a re-joiner it was possibly AGC (SPS) that rejected him.
  12. It was AGC (sps) that rejected me due to my career profile, i don't know what that that is, but they told me to give them a second choice so i told them Royal Artillery, i thought well if the AGC have turned me down they must be more interested in younger people say 16 - 19 with college NVQ,s that i don't have rather than some ex infantryman, so they told me to phone back in 2 weeks i don't know why its shorter this time as last time they told me six weeks.

    Also RLC Ammo Tech requires 3 GCSE,s at grade C minimum the course is 25 weeks long and is intellectually demanding, i seriously dought i have a chance in hell if the bloody AGC rejected me, c,mon.
  13. Any more help, please take time to read my post.