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Discussion in 'REME' started by richie_n69, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone please tell me if there is a rejoin bounty for VMs

    Thanks for your help.
  2. no mate u got out so your get **** all ok u queer cant u hack civvy so your gettin back in u weak little faggat
  3. ok an answer from a human being would be very much appreciated.
  4. Well that was helpfull now wasnt it......... yes mate i believe there is such a thing!!!... you could be looking at around 6K.... lucky you! we have just had a lcpl rejoin after being out for 3 years. the pay office have told him he may or may not qualify for it, but they are looking into it for him. Hope this is a little more helpfull than what the knobber above me wrote!!!
  5. Cheers Garyglitter, you must be the brains in your family!!!

    Richie posed the question on my behalf. I've no intention of getting back in. I'm now a senior Volvo truck technician paid far higher than my old army wage, which now wouldn't cover my mortgage etc. Don't get me wrong, I miss alot of it, but then I remember the crap like guard duty, painting the grass green etc etc. I can't believe they're paying a 6k rejoin bounty!
  6. Thats just what the pay clearks told the guy at my place. not sure if its 100% correct but they are definately looking into getting him some money just for re-joining. Nuts hey!
  7. yes there is a rejoin bounty for vms cant tell u the amount but it was 3500 in 2002, u have to rejoin with in 3 yrs of getting out , i missed it as i was out 4 yrs but thats life lol
  8. late again mate, :D
  9. Just out of interest, any ideas on the bounty (if there is one) for rejoining air techs?
  10. Ignore last, just saw another post answering my question. :)
  11. I must admit, the bounty does sound tempting, But I know I would blow it on a new bike or something, then never ride it because I'm away or on guard duty etc etc. Then where would I be? On my hands and knees with a tin of green paint, thats where.
  12. There is a REME rejoin bounty but its just for JNCO VMs, Armrs and Recy Mechs. To qualify you normally need to have been written to with an offer to rejoin. The careers offices will help - they may get onto records and get them to send you a letter to comply with the rejoin bounty rules rather than waiting for the letter.

    One problem is what your address is - if its different to the one you gave when you left the letter of invitation may not get to you
  13. The rejoin bounty everyone goes on at is only for certain cap badges and trades, when I rejoined, REME were not in the bracket and therefore I got nowt, it may have changed but dont build your hopes up we arent too good at retention now are we??? If you pvr'd you can get 75% of your dosh back.
  14. Cheers Jobman