Rejoin Bounty and a couple of rejoin questions

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At the bottom of this page:

There is a link to a newsletter: NEWSLETTER-Version 2.pdf

Which talks about a rejoin bounty for any member of the regular reserve going back into certain trades. Does anyone know if this is still current?

I was employed in one of the mentioned trades when I got out 2 years ago, and am now considering re-enlisting (Bounty or not, to be honest, but I wouldn't be one to knock a gift horse in the mouth, and in my experience it pays you to be aware of these things otherwise they end up sliding by)

I left as a Sergeant after 12 years, and have spent 2 years out (left in January 2004). So that puts me in the regular reserve category. What I would also like to know is;

a. Is it possible to carry on where you left off - or would you have to take a drop in rank, etc? And would I have to do any form of training again? I would expect ITD's?

b. I was originally on the open engagement, and as stated did 12 years. If I was to rejoin, would that mean I could crack on for another 10 years and leave after 22 as if I had just suspended my career for a couple of years?

c. New Pension scheme - I see it looks like rejoiners are forced onto the AFPS 05 scheme - would I be able to just go ahead and roll my previous 12 years straight into that scheme?

d. What would happen to my previously accumulated 800 or so LSSA days - would that be reinstated?

e. Do you have any say to put in a posting preference (because you've been talking to your mates still in and know where there are gaps coming up) or is it just a case of rolling the dice?

I'll be asking all this to a careers office, but at present they are all closed for the holidays. I'd be grateful if anyone with any knowledge (or any similar rejoiners) could give me a heads up as to what to expect. Thanks very much,

Can't answer the questions on bounties but the rank and years seniority would depend on your trade qualifications etc. Would be bizarre to drop your rank providing you meet current qualification criteria - unless it was only acting etc when you left. This would be prescribed by your MCM div. You would have to go onto AFPS 05 and all previous service would count (read the pension pages for further info). Your LSSA accumulation should remain intact and you would be expected to put in a PPP - MCM Div should consult you in order to take in to consideration personal circumstances.
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