Rejoin as UAV Op 32 Regt?

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by kettlefiller, Jul 14, 2009.

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  1. Eh up all. Having recently applied to rejoin, i am waiting for the response from Glasgow....was wondering if direct contact with the RA Regt i wanted to join would help either told 'were fully manned do one!' Or 'yeah, your records good, come and learn our kit we need bods?' (must admit not to hopeful as im nearly 36, been out since 2001, pvr'd at 11yrs as full screw.) I left the RA as a cloud puncher DC. Was hoping the new watchkeeper system would enable me to re-role, and learn new kit at the same time as the rest of the regt, aiding rejoining.... hoping for alot eh!
    What im getting at is anyone out there know of a contact (32 Regt Recruit Team/ or similar??) who i could get in touch with to aid my application, or put me out my misery. Cheers in advance.
  2. Well mate I'm currently in the same position as yourself, I filled in m 203 about 8 weeks ago and to date still have had no reply from Glasgow. The waiting time could be anything from 3 months to 6 months or even longer. Also could get the big No.

    What I did was to make the RCMO of my chosen regiment aware that I wish to re-join again, by simply giving him a call and explaining my current situation to him. Plus it also gives him a better idea if, and when the paperwork arrives on this desk, who the person actually is.
  3. Dont want to put a downer on trying to re-join but Arty taking people back is now the exception rather that the norm.
  4. We are still taking Bdrs who wish to re-join, so hang in there and you are likely (subject to record etc) be successful.
  5. Yep your right they are accepting JNCO's but my understanding is unless they have something special to bring the party then the chance is slight.
  6. Below is an excert from a recent document ref RA manning.

    Restrict Rejoins/Transfers. The RA must become much more selective over who can rejoin/transfer. The CRA includes non RA WOs seeking a commission in the RA in this bracket. The CofC must liaise closely with Glasgow on this and other measures. Basically: Capt, potential FST commanders, are fine (a letter is already with the ACB which makes our case), as are Bdrs, as are specialists, incl Para, Cdo, so long as a case can be made.
  7. Thanks for the replys, seems a mixed bag. CMD40, good luck to you mate. I'm a realist, if its not to be....In the mean time im getting back in shape, just in case. My concern is the fact i want to join a Regt i have no history/trades in (UAV). My understanding is the Regt i would like to join does/has taken Air Defence bods to train up. It seems they have resurrected an old Bty back into animation earlier this year...and from what i can gather they like a tour or two! fingers crossed their short of bods!? I may have to try and contact some guys serving in that Regt to get hold of RCMO details, (Chief Clerk?).
    QuoFas, you keep my hopes up, nice one.
    Thanks for the response from all who posted.....all helps, spot on.
    Cheers all.
  8. Mate ring direct enquiries and ask for the military operators number. They should be-able to give the RMCO number. Thats how I did it. How long have you been waiting from application .
  9. Hello mate, i did get a number to ring today, no joy....sports afternoon eh!
    Will give it try tomorrow, cheers anyway. I havn't been waiting too long..applied end of May, just an impatiant tawt! I see you havn't been out too long, 3 yrs wasn't it? Abit concerned ive been out to long...8 yrs August, won't know unless i give it a whirl though.
  10. Kettle filler

    PM me for all the detail you need
  11. Cheers, PM'd.
  12. Hi guys,

    I'm currently a TA sapper (soon to be gunner) and I've been accepted to join 32 on FTRS.

    I start with the regiment on 14th September.

    Think they're taking me on as I have a civvy PPL with IMC rating.

    Looks like a really interesting role, but really not sure what to expect.

    When I was at Chilwell, I was speaking to a LBdr in a different RA regiment and she said you guys are an awesome bunch! So looking forward to it!

    Also been told I'll be off to Herrick in April.

    Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


  13. Hi all.....Having waited for so long, beasting myself stupid, got the news its a NO go for rejoining. I started my App back in March, and was fairly realistic, don't know if you don't try and all that, no worries if i get fkd off.
    Not the case...totally gutted. As your most likely aware recruitment is not an issue at present, and my app was refused on this basis, 'if you were 6-8 months earlier, should have been fine'.
    Back to reality, the RAF take recruits until theyre 36 in some trades...never thought i'd see the day i think of joining the RAF!
    Waffle over, back to the day to day boring shi'te. gutted........
    All the best Jersey Tom, have a good one, take it steady!
  14. Hmmmm, this is un -real!!!
    I re-joined after 9 years, I only served 5 years in the Artillery in the first place so I had no rank... I applied to re-join in Jan 2008 and finally got accepted back in March 2009, so it took well over a year for me.
    However, I did do a tour in 2005, as a reservist.
    ..And I re-traded to the Signals, which was quite an easy process after the initial careers office paper work..
    I think you should give it another go cos this just doesnt seem right, oh and I'm 35, and I didnt even have to do basic again...