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Iraq tribunal head fears for life

The Saddam tribunal is under threat, Salem Chalabi said
The head of the special tribunal trying Saddam Hussein has told the BBC that charges against him in Iraq are ridiculous and he fears for his life.
Speaking in London, Salem Chalabi said he was the victim of a smear campaign and a house he used in Baghdad had been shelled recently.
You and your Uncle, and the rest of the Cabal of confidence tricksters and alleged counterfieters

Don't stop there though, go all the way , and include all the others involved, there are certain other Agent Provocateur I'd like to see on the stand,especially after Chalabi decides that "I ain't doing Bird on me Jack"

Unfortunately, I fear it won't come to trial, as I understand them stairs at the Baghdad West Police station can be a bit slippy at times :D
I'm sure this is nothing whatever to do with Chalabi Snr being the main provider of 45 min WMD int to Bush43 and Bliar.

I am certain that they wouldn't stoop so low as to have their puppet regime in Baghdad indict anyone for reasons of revenge.

If they want to replace Salem, the Dear Leader seems to know plenty of friendly judges who can be relied upon to reach the 'correct' conclusion.
Anyone put money on the Foreign Office paying a visit to Sistani while he convaesces for a little "chat" along the lines of:

Keep the lid on Sadyr and let him know he can take a slice of the trade he is trying to control around Najaf. Put him back in his box and Iraq is yours and that way, come April, we can get out and hand over to a newly-cobbled together UNMEFOR headed up by the Saudis. That will keep the religious militants in Saudi happy just long enough not to provoke a civil war (we hope).
But Woopert,

Surely Sistani is only here to have his heart looked at?

You do surprise me with that train of thought Sirrah :twisted:
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