rejoice airfix to build 1/24 scale mossie

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by brighton hippy, Dec 1, 2009.

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  1. It's not that big. 68.8 cm wide (2'5" ish)

    I would like to build a RC Mossie though, and fly it at German flying days.

    Der Der Der Der de de de de de etc......(Can't remember the tune, just know the words)
  2. Awesome. Just need to sell the shed to afford it --- £130
  3. Meh, rather see the Bomber version than the Fighter Bomber
  4. sure would have as a 12 year old when I built models. Had the 1/48 scale one which had next to no interior detailing. Airfix did go belly up - they must be owned by someone else now.
  5. Any Mossie is a Good Mossie, the Bomber version is certainly prettier, but some are nastier.
  6. Not the most reliable of sources but probably true in this case.


    Founded in 1939, Airfix was owned by Humbrol from 1986 until Humbrol's financial collapse on 31 August 2006. As of 2007, Airfix is currently owned by Hornby
  7. You're right, the blurb on the website refers to 'the old Airfix company'. Modelling's wonderfully advanced these days - photo-etched vegetation, individually turned brass stick grenades, working tracks, real barbed wire in 1/35th scale. Amazing.
  8. I feel I may have to become a teenager again ! now just need a decent 1/24 MK9 spit kit .
  9. great news, can't wai to build it in my shed
  10. Someones nicked your wheels mate and left it on breeze blocks , can't trust anyone nowadays .
  11. That shed looks like someone's run a Mossie through a bandsaw.
  12. Enough of this soft shed porn :evil:

    Let's have some hard core :twisted:


    (Happy Now, Goldbricker?)
  13. I'd love to buy this, but I'd never finish making it. All those fiddly bits that no-one ever bloody sees (interior, engine detailing and the fcuking landing gear in particular) would all break, get stuck together, get stuck to me and generally make me so angry I just binned the whole thing half way through!

    I made loads of kits when I was younger and got really quite good, but I always struggled when things got small and complicated as I'm a complete spacker and I don't have much patience!

    However, the idea of requestioning a room in my new house from my wife as a "man's room" where I can hang big aircraft and do manly stuff strikes me as being a good idea :)
  14. PRU Blue FTW! and USAAF 802nd Recon Group / 653rd Bombardment as a bonus, Nice.