rejection due to eyesight

Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by treacle, Jul 8, 2006.

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  1. I applied for a medical cadetship to the Navy and have been rejected on medical grounds and found to be 'permanently unfit' due to the fact that my eyesight is just outside the lowest acceptable level. I have offered to have laser eye surgery (the type acceptable to the forces) but am still considered permanently unfit as my starting eyesight point is worse than they accept. I find this crazy as I wear contacts permanently and its not like I walk around with milk bottle glasses or anything - you wouldn't even know I was shortsighted. I play sports, function normally etc. and never even give my eyes a second thought. It seems mad in this day and age to be rejected on these grounds when eye surgery is a solution and when the forces are short of doctors. I am so frustrated and wonder if anyone knows if the army would reject me like the Navy has.
  2. Ask them!
  3. Is there an appeals procedure? Do you know anyone in the service who might be able to find out for you?
  4. Treacle.

    Can't speak for the Navy but I've just been through the medical for the Army and I've had Laser surgery to correct my eyesight. My eyesight was within the acceptable range before the surgery but that wouldn't have made any difference as they were not interested in what standard it was, only what it is now after the surgery ( brilliant by the way 6/4 in both eyes - that two lines better than 6/6 the standard for unaided vision). I just had to get my optician to fill a form and have waited one year from my surgery.
    It may be that the person you were speaking to has misunderstood the rules - even if they are the medical officer, yes even they can make mistakes - or they have a different system to the Army. Probably best to get someone to show you the regulation that says you are permenantly unsuitable - they may think your a pain but stuff 'em this is your career, don't just walk away because you don't want to annoy them. Pestering them is often the best way to actually get some action out of them.

    If not you can always try the army- best to ask first there may be more restrictions on other trades and I don't need a lawsuit.
    Good luck
  5. Unfortunately it is there in black and white, on the optician form it says that eyesight beyond 'blahblah' (can't remember the specific number) is an automatic rejection and will disqualify the candidate from being considered any further. You are right, they will accept laser surgery, but only if your eyesight is within a certain level to start with. I appealed their decision the same day but have not heard anything from them a month later. The reason I haven't yet applied to the other services is I can't get a decision out of them. I spent about 2 days filling in the whole application and security stuff for the Navy. They called my referees etc. and then flunked me on the medical at the last hurdle. I was hoping to find out the other way round this time from the other forces as there seems little point in me filling in all the paperwork and chosing referees etc. just to be rejected after all that wasted time. Don't want to seem like a despairing moaner but am just so disappointed, it feels so unfair. I shall shut up with my moaning and try and be a bit more persistent in getting answers!
  6. why not post on rum ration??
  7. cheers, have done, its under the newbies forum. It just comes back to being persistent I guess and waiting for the official wheels to grind out a formal answer again. Think I just needed to vent a bit of frustration here.
  8. On the subject of eyes, i have had laser surgery and am looking to join up, but i know there is only one type of laser eye surgery which is allowed, does anyone know which type it is?

  9. On the subject of eyes, i have had laser surgery and am looking to join up, but i know there is only one type of laser eye surgery which is allowed, does anyone know which type it is?

  10. Are you seeing double? :lol:
  11. Quite possibly me thinks. anyone else have the same?!?!
  12. i can't see anything clearly...... yeah, i'll be rejected. It's not my fault i read 2 novels a day!!!!! What d'ya mean it's too much reading?
  13. well, I see about triple. well, i see about triple. well, i see about triple.
  14. Have laser eye surgery, burn your med docs then apply again!

    It has been done before for very selective internal military courses!
  15. LASIK.

    minimum requirement:

    right eye: 6/12
    left eye: 6/36

    im not sure if that's aided or unaided though.