Rejected on medical grounds (eyes)

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  1. Hello again guys.

    I have recieved a letter from the army, after completing my medical questionarre, saying that I am not eligible for military service because I do not have 'Binocular vision' in my eyes.

    First of all, what does this mean? I have looked up on the internet and all it says is someone who can see out of both eyes. Which I can do.

    Secondly, I have been previously accepted into the RAF Regiment with regard to my eye sight but failed my selection interview and I currently have an application with the Royal Marines open and have fitted into the bottom band of eligibility where my eye sight is concerned.

    Thirdly, it says I have the right to appeal to this decision. How can I appeal and how long will the appeal take? I do understand that I have to appeal on medical grounds, which I do have. And I also believe I have the backing of my optomoetrist as when I was getting my eyes tested for the RAF they told me my eyes were good enough to join the army from what they have seen. Also I am worried this may go on my permanent record and affect me entering any of the other services as it says I am permanently unsuitable for military service

    Sorry for the essay but obviously I am concerned about this and it would be great if you could get back to me with your advice.
  2. 2 secs while I recover the medical chat sticky, it is here if you want to have a read.

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