Reissue of Used Uniform

Can anyone settle an argument? In what used to be in Matt Regs, what is the policy on reissuing used uniform? I know some uniform simply can’t be reissued because of being worn close to the skin, for example t-shirt and sock etc. So for example what are the regulations on reissuing used trousers, shirts etc and where would it be found in the JSP?


Could not tell you where in the JSP but recent direction is that if handed in CS95 is serviceable and laundered it can be reissued. Seems a bit of an iraqi army way for us to carry on, but there you go!


It was always the way in training establishments although in units the decent kit was retained on reservists flick. You wouldn't want to wear a dead mans no 2 dress just to save a few quid would you!

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If clothing is handed back in and is of a decent standard, its launderd, reconditioned to A2 and re issued.

Although with clothing, this rarely happens, normally just gets sent straight to field textiles.
In all goes to disposals agencies, to throw some info in, it depends whats being recycled, as a STAB would I accept used kit? No, I'd expect brand new shiny retail packed issued.

Rizzle above is pretty much right in it all goes to Field Textiles I still get e-mails every day the deals used to well sweet but than Mark left :(


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the best kit used to be reissue in my day it was preferred over the 85 stuff and I was soooooo gratefull to get a well shaved second hand kf shirt which didn't shred my neck.
Back in my old TA days if someone had finished & handed their kit in to the TA centre it would be rifled through by anyone of appropriate size to swap their kit (if better) before it was handed back to RHQ. This was in the 90's (pre C95 issue) when there was some fairly ropey kit on issue & trying to get replacement kit from the stores was . . . well, like trying to get kit off a storeman.

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