Reinvent the wheel.

Would you reinvent the wheel on promotion.

  • To right I need to make my mark on the unit.

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  • No, have no career plans so no need.

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  • I am a forward think person why should I.

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Having taken a look at many of the topics here I am amazed at how many of them appear to be about the same things when I was in, are the Officer/SNCO not some people who where green behind the ears Troopers (sorry Airtroopers) when I was in all having moved on, up and in some cases (a lot ) out.

Or could it be a male (and soon to be female) need to make their mark on a new job and new unit that there is a need to trying and reinvent the wheel. Lets face it the Corps has done this job since 1957 there has to be a limit on the number of ways you can sweep a hanger brush or electric sweeper?

Any good stories about reinvention and where it went wrong would be nice but lets keep it short and no names old and news most welcome
Seal master, I believe its the way of the green machine. You could blame the DE officer for not listening to the LE or indeed his SNCO regarding the past but essentially people are people and like to try things their way. With the arrival of the Apache things are a lot more routine and well documented ie usually kept to the same standard throughout the Corps. None of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. I still find myself apologising to those above and below myself when I make an error of judgement. Your point about old lessons is valid, I feel that we havent documented things very well over the years and so a lot of information (valuable) has been lost.

As to your poll, I couldnt put my vote to either as I feel you need a 4th line:

I treat each day as it comes!

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