Reinstalled XP - Optical Drives not there????

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Legs, Feb 6, 2007.

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  1. HELP!!!!

    The Hard Drive in my lads Dell PC went and died. I got a new one and put it in, used the Dell Reinstallation CD to reload Windows XP. All looked good, and Windows XP was on the system.

    Put in the Drivers CD and loaded the soundcard driver. Hit re-start (as it told me to do) and then found that the DVD drive and the DVD-R drive are not recognised. The motor turns and the lights flash, but nothing else.
    I tried to 'install new hardware' but the PC didn't tecognise any optical drives. I know they work 'cos the reinstallation disk worked!

    What have I done wrong and how do I fix it?
  2. Un-install the sound drivers first.
    If they come back(opticals), you have an allocation conflict.
    Soundcards are cnuts it onboard?

    PS Dell are shite too...
  3. Bin it and buy a Mac, err....

    Alternatively, go to the Dell website and download the drivers from there after uninstalling the ones you've previously installed. That should work.
  4. In addition, your Dell will have a service TAG NO - you can find it in your BIOS or a label stuck on outside of the machine. Use this on the Dell UK website and it should display the exact spec of your machine as it was sold (less new HD) you can then select a tool to auto examine your machine (assuming it is connected to the internet) and give you feedback on all the drivers specs etc

    Then go to downloads and download the entire suite of drivers for your machine to bring it all up to date. Once youve done this you should not have a problem - Dell are very good at what they do. Let me know how you get on.