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I am currently lucky enought o be serving with a Loan Service Team and have been for over two years. For the majority of that time, my daughter (who is too old to be classed as a dependant) has been living in my house in UK. This meant that, for the first half of the tour I didi not require the storage facility offered as part of the package when coming out here. Through a change of circumstance (my daughter has bought her own place) my house has now been Let and I have had to place all my personal belongings in storage. This has cost me a significant amount of money as I had to pay for flights for my wife who had to fly back to UK to move all the stuff into storage on her own. I have also had to stump up the cash for all of the storage charges.
My question is this; If the facility exists for soldiers posted abroad to store their personal effects for the duration of their tour and the MoD are willing to foot the bil for that, is there also a facility to claim storage charges following a change of circumstance mid-tour?? My own Admin Office seems to think there is not a chance but does anyone out there know different?? I appreciate that, overall I will not be out of pocket due to having tenants BUT, had I let my propoerty when I first left UK, I would still have tenants and not be liable for storage charges.
Any help or advice greatly received.
Have a read through AGAIS chapter 81. That will point you in the right direction. It might be a good time to get on the right side of your QM and make sure you bring him back a stick of rock or something!



It can be done but requires raising a special case through the pay chain. Effectively you have to put in writing your reasons for the claim (circumstances etc) and that has to be endorsed at a reasonably senior level. (For me it was OF5). It was a bit of a balls ache but can be done. Having said that a chum of mine didn't get it. Your pay staff should be able to get the details from higher formation.

Good luck.


Many thanks for the info. Will give it a go as I am 2K out of pocket so might be worth the effort. Thanks again.

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